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previously on Philips FamBam I would always go Elijah here just hanging out little fever ooh and we got one because we were gonna test it out Ethan got this mountain of shaved ice yeah she got this especially made for you hey what's up everybody so welcome to another cook with me I'm actually excited for this one you guys because it's got quite a bit of ingredients more than I normally do even Tina was like I told her hey this is what I want to do she's like why don't you do like the creme brulee with like three ingredients, not because you can't do it but just because I want creme brulee oh yeah so but all of these ingredients I will say are you're right up your alley yes and so I'm gonna do this all by myself without Tina's help I might bring in Ethan I don't know but let's see if I can do this you guys we want we won't talk about who helped with the prep at all yeah time constraint yes we are so this recipe you guys is actually kinda cool it seems very simple but it's not it's different and you'll see what I'm talking about so this is the crispy taco ring comment down below if you guys have ever heard of that I have it I saw it and I was like holy crap this is like like like a taco cake we literally have a cake bowl look he just bought that to you guys brand-spanking-new better wash it tell we're bakers yeah so what we're gonna do is I'm going to go ahead right over here and we're gonna start cooking it up we're gonna mix the ground beef the taco seasoning the onions the red bell peppers jalapenos whoa that's getting mixed in and then we're gonna put it in here with some tortilla some nacho cheese tortilla chips oh yeah my mouth is water already so excited this is something that's totally different and I'm excited to show you guys all right so now we're over here right over the skillet I'm gonna add a tablespoon of olive oil boom boom boom so we just did half an onion right happening in yeah so it calls for a whole but with the kids I think half is enough flavor so we're gonna add half and you just want to get it kind of caramelized which says about 10 minutes this is already something that's kind of out of my league already like I'm not used to oh my gosh I like put cheese on bread and put it in the oven yeah and I make like like grilled cheese sandwiches so guys I mean this cooks up a little bit I'm going to add the red bell peppers and the jalapenos and they were seated so it's not gonna be too spicy we're just doing it for that to maybe play the play we can't do a cook with me without mentioning flava flav so we've got the onions caramelized and now we're going to add the red bell peppers that's one whole one right that's one whole red bell pepper and then one jalapeno oh and add those in Merry Christmas serious and then just mix them around for about hopefully for about three minutes or so oh man this smells it does smell yummy already and then once we get these cooked up for a few minutes then we're gonna start adding the ground beef and the taco seasoning hoho this is gonna be good look at that look at all those fellas gonna add the beef where's the B where's the baby there goes one of us to take out the meat master oh yeah yeah definitely need the meat masher oh you have definitely definitely do you say definitely I said definite all definite all right point out that meet master masher this is gonna be awesome yeah they are tea smells good honestly too bad Tina's not Tina's gonna be going out to dine no more birthday celebrations happening tonight okay I'm late I'm good with wands Kwan's is that one yeah sound like a goose yeah you are Kwan remember she's she's and rice oh I can't wait to add the cheese to this bad oh yeah it's gonna be good movie never just gonna cook this up mix everything in get that flavor into the get that flavor into the meat let's cook this up look at that you guys that's looking good you know what's funny is like we this reminded me of the albondigas soup that we made for my mom my mom's recipe uh-huh and like we haven't made it since we actually haven't we need to made it just for the cook with me and then having that sense definitely have to do it for show so now what we're gonna do is add the taco seasoning which we've got we're gonna go three tablespoons or one packet if you have the packet yes oh it's just to get better and better with all this serious flavor in there good too bad hands bad hands we need a food hack for that yes serious all right three look at that oh oh man then I'm gonna mix it in a little bit get all the flavor going get that meat browned seriously I'm already I'm already proud of myself yeah this is the real deal right here that's pretty good all right then what we're gonna do is we're gonna add I squeeze the lime so we're gonna add lime juice in here so it does it say just one pole line yep nice so we have the lime juice yum that's a good addition to this recipe look at that yum oh so you got literally lime jalapeno red red pepper bell peppers onion taco seasoning you guys if your mouth is not watering I don't know what to tell you guys you bake a little yeah take a little pause I know you guys are hungry go grab a snack and then come back and join us cuz I know you guys get hungry watching our video yeah go grab some tortilla chips and some salsa Oh watch me cooking here with my with my wooden chocolate oh wow let's make a mad gosh look at that that's looking so good babe now what I'm gonna do actually I've got a spray the bundt pan spray it generously there we go grinding right now I'm gonna be cutting the tortilla strips and I'm gonna cut it into fourths so I'm gonna be cutting with two round sides leaving about four inches in the middle and then I'm gonna cut the four inches vertically down the middle soft to two like two inch strips all right so that's good let's see how this works with all of them at once the cutter don't cut your finger all right of course we've got Benny down here just waiting for something to drop right there and then I'm gonna cut right here okay so what I'm gonna do is supposed to do this with all the tortillas I've got more you need ten tortillas then what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna place it in Oh just like that all right and do it in a fanning motion so I'm basically going to overlap them slightly overlapping each other let's see how this works this one's kind of heavier all right so now that I've got this all the the middle slices they're basically in a fanned pattern around the bundt pan now I'm going to take about half of the cheddar cheese and sprinkle it all around look at that you guys this is getting interesting already so I put about half the cheddar cheese here on that first pattern now I'm going to take about half of the beef the ground beef mixture and spread it around in here look at that yes right here serious happy birthday comet right now if you want this kit this a crispy taco ring for your birthday what are you gonna do make it for everybody yeah take an order all right now I've got these rounded pieces of tortilla strips that I'm gonna put put it here in a Fanning pattern around it you guys look at that so for these ones you used the middle piece the yes and so the rounded ones are the star the flat are gonna go in flat in a Fanning pattern and boom now what I'm gonna do is take half of my Monterey Jack cheese oh my this gets better I think it does right there Danny and eat them Phillips right here extra cheese that says it right there oh my god then my favorite part of this Oh No says to add tortilla strips but I read in the comments of one of them that you can add Doritos but I just got these because they were 2 for $4 oh yeah you add these chips so you can actually put some chips on to the cheese oh that just looks amazing loving it I'm gonna measure with my heart right that's a good idea no Danny Lexus crunch all right and you know what's gonna happen next what we're gonna put another layer of the tortillas and we're gonna put some more beef oh right so now I'm gonna put some more of these in a Fanning pattern on top of here because this is smells this is pretty cool so awesome looks amazing check that out then what I'm gonna do is put the cheese again look at that put the rest of the cheese might anymore hey no complaints oh she's there that's good we'll just spread it right there then we're gonna take the rest of the beef you guys oh and plate that little taco lasagna oh my layer it up it's called the talk of bundt cake happy birthday birthday get the candles ready happy birthday crispy taco ring oh my goodness gracious look at that you guys okay this is Leigh Cooper Wow this is a hefty heavy oh my god that's so awesome carbonation then we're gonna take the rest of the Monterey Jack cheese sprinkle it all around guys Wow impressive so both cheeses you used a cup and a half right yes and then put the rest on here mmm no chips on that layer no nice check that out you guys Wow doesn't even look like food right now that's it you guys that's it basically we put this on a cooking sheet and we bake it for 45 minutes let it come out and let it cool for 20 minutes Wow it's gonna get like a nice brown crisp on here oh shoot let's check this out do it alright you guys I am so proud of myself and I are so excited to eat this oh my gosh you're great here we go so we're gonna go ahead and put this in here at 350 for 45 minutes okay no one judged my oven we'll just half it boom boom and dunzo for 45 minutes Tina might be gone so Ashley might take over and we'll finish this out all right so we're gonna take it out you guys this this is like crispy crunchy oh my goodness let's see if it comes out okay I have no idea how this is gonna turn out so I'm gonna get a plate to cover it and then I'm gonna flip it and we'll see it's supposed to be just like a cake all right we're gonna come over here I've never done this before so I don't know how easily this comes out so we'll see put it on the plate Oh fell off the side a little get it on the plate let's see Oh what the Mama Sita ashlynn spays was like whoa that's pretty cool that is Bom holy tortilla look at that that's seriously a cake the taco cake holy cow oh my god all right let's go we're gonna go ahead bring it over here oh my gosh all right so here we go I'm gonna try to cut this I don't know if it's gonna fall apart or not but we're gonna have to eat the tribe do you want to try – sure yeah all right we're gonna try it so what do you want to try it with I'm gonna cut you off a piece just like a cake do you want to try like with salsa or with sour cream sour cream okay here we go I'm gonna cut them off a little piece or maybe can I have your lunch oh wow it's hot oh yeah you know what you know what it actually says I just took it out it says to let it cool for 20 minutes so but I'm gonna still try to cut it all right so I'm pulling it off here we go it comes apart a little bit but you guys this is awesome and mmm holy moly look at that that's the layers right there so good how about a triumph oh it's a little hot so make sure you eat it over the plate yeah you can dip it so you could dip it in salsa sour cream it's falling apart little hot how is it though yeah tasty oh nice so how is it dude oh alright you guys so there you have it that's the crispy taco ring crispy crunchy taco ring whatever you want to call it I call out the taco cake this thing is awesome you guys I'm gonna go ahead slice this up give it to the kids for dinner and that's it you guys thanks again for watching don't forget to subscribe like this video and most of all don't forget choose your day

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