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I Made Vegan Chicken Tenders Out Of Grapefruit Peels



– Merle, what is this? (laughs) – Oh my god, I know what that is – Did I swallow this? – What's up, everybody? I'm back

A lot of you guys recommended that I try this recipe So today is the day I'm gonna make chicken tenders out of grapefruit peels (screams) It's only a matter of time before people just stop inviting me to dinner parties So I saw this recipe first on "Stashe Sauce" My boy Mark

I learned a lot from him Thank you, Mark Shout out to you And then I saw it also on the "Edgy Vegan" Also shout out to you

But today, I'm gonna kind of combine the two methods that they used, but can we really, realistically pretend that it's a chicken tender? I don't know about that All right, let's get to business This is a grapefruit But we've got the stem on top, and I'm gonna be cutting it in half (record screech) Oh, no I'm not

First, I'm gonna peel it Okay, so these are peels And this is the pith The pith is really what we're gonna be using to make these chicken tenders We're gonna cut you in half

Oh, would you look at that? So beautiful I'm gonna use this spoon And I try to go about halfway or a quarter of the way into the pith, so you can just get around the nonsense Oh my goodness Nice try

By doing it this way, where you get a little bit of the pith, it makes it much easier to take it out And this is our finished product Yay! Next, I'm gonna cut these once more in half I'm gonna make little incisions in the grapefruit peel on the sides, just like an inch or so And this is so the cutlets can lie flat instead of curving up

Now I'm gonna dip these in some apple cider vinegar And what this is supposed to do is to help neutralize the bitterness And then I'm supposed to let it sit for a minute I've got some vegetable broth here And I'm gonna put these in here, and I'm gonna let it sit for an hour

Ooh, wow, that is slimy on the inside Oh, I don't know how I feel about these Here we are Get you in there And now I'm gonna dry you off

Wow Now the next step is to rub these down with some minced garlic (humming) And then cover them with salt and pepper I'm gonna say this much It no longer resembles fruit

I don't know It looks like some kind of dead thing, so I think I'm on the right track Since I'm making this vegan, I can't use eggs to read these So instead what I did is I have a vegan mayonnaise to help kind of bind the breadcrumbs to the grapefruit so that we get a nice, even fry So I'm gonna mix my vegan mayonnaise, some water, and some canola oil

If you're not vegan and you don't care, you can bread this any old way that you want So now for the breading mixture, I'm going to add a little bit of parsley You can do fresh, you can do dried, whatever you feel like on that day And I'm gonna add a little bit of garlic powder because although I rubbed these down with some minced garlic I think it kind of flew all over the place And who doesn't love garlic? So like, the more the merrier

And then I'm gonna add some salt, 'cause it's salt All right Wow, look at these creepy alien chicken cutlet things These look like something! I'm feeling curious and hopeful and a little worried All right, I'm gonna bread these thoroughly

Oh yeah, we're getting somewhere This is headed in a direction I like It really feels like a chicken breast I'm gonna bread all of these And that's all of them

It's time to deep-fry these, and then we can try it So I want this to be at 365 Be very careful when you're working with hot oil And I'm gonna do these for about a minute on each side It's such a satisfying sound

Look at that Ooh, that's an interesting color I don't know, man This looks a little weird All of the breading is falling off

This does not look like a chicken breast What the hell is that? This is unacceptable I'm gonna do a little bit of problem solving here, and I'm gonna double-bread it Okay, this is looking better already Take two

Oh my god I think it might have worked It looks like a chicken! Okay, so I'm gonna finish frying these, now that I think I've got a little bit of a handle on things and then I'm gonna try it It's gonna be great I just slaved away trying to make this look like chicken

Now it's time to see if it tastes like chicken I don't really know if I want to finish eating this Oh god Guys I kind of want to spit it out – [Producer] I did I had to spit it out – That is so gross

Like, that is so bad That is so bad! Why are they putting this online for people to try and trying to tell this tastes good 'cause this doesn't taste good It tastes very much like grapefruit covered in vegan mayonnaise and breadcrumbs This isn't good I'm still gonna feed it to my coworkers

I'm gonna see what they think And let's just enjoy their pain, right? Let's just watch them react to this, because this is bad – This is a fun game – Are you okay? – Yeah – Three

– Oh, you're moving over here – No, I'm over here – Oh, okay – Three, two, one, go – Oh, okay

– Oh my god What is that? – This looks like chicken katsu – This is really chicken Parmesan – Yeah – You're lying

– No – It looks like salmon to me – This is chicken Parmesan? – Yes, why not? (laughs) – Whoo! – Salmon? (coughs) – I don't think I ever want that again (laughs) – I'm so sorry – Me too

– Why is it so sour? – I can't believe you made me eat that (laughs) – It's bitter – Yeah, it sure is – Merle, what is it? (laughs) Oh no – I'm so sorry

– I think I just heard your throat close – It's so overwhelmingly strong – Did I swallow this? – The thing is, I want to guess what it is, but in order to do so, I have to take another bite – Well, I mean, that's just something you might have to commit to – Orange? Is it orange peels? – Okay, I'm gonna look at it

Maybe that'll help – Is that helping? – Nope – This is definitely sweet potato – I recognize that fruit, the hints of that fruit somewhere Why are you so happy about this? – Oh my god, I know what that is

– It must be like peppermint – Peppermint? – Is it lemon? It's not carrot, is it? Pomegranate Mm, tangerine? Hibiscus? – No, no – Pamplemousse? – What the hell's that? – It's grapefruit – Yeah, it is grapefruit

– You don't know what pamplemousse is? – No – There we go, okay I knew I tasted like some type of, yes, yes, grapefuit – I am not gonna say it's bad – Oh no, no

I'm gonna say it's bad – I didn't say I didn't like it I was about to eat it Y'all made me nervous – I'm sorry

– It's kind of bad I'm not gonna lie – It's pretty bad – I can't lie – It's pretty bitter

– It's bad – It kind of tastes like, that citrusy taste stays on your tongue, like that relative that doesn't want to leave the house and just stays, even though its presence is unwanted – I agree – I liked the grapefruit qualities of it Like, I just wasn't– – You did? – Yeah, I did

I liked the texture it had It's such a fresh quality, and then you've got a lot of the heavy fried elements with it – So it's like a chip? It's just like a crunchy chip? – Just charbroil it, let's be honest – There we go – You kind of ruined chicken katsu for me

– [Merle] Oh! – That was great I can't wait for whatever else she makes – It's not bad Okay, now I know it is Y'all scared me

– A for effort – Okay, so– – B for bitter – This is done – Yeah, let's just, let's burn that – This was a real treat

As always, I mean, life is about (laughs) Uh, yeah, you know Death comes to us all (laughs) – Bye, bye You can cut

You can cut (upbeat music)

Source: Youtube

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