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I Make GREEN PANCAKES – Trying Weird Instagram Recipes (Ep. 1)



I Try GREEN PANCAKES – Trying Weird Instagram Recipes (Ep 1) Hi guys So today I thought I would do something different than my usual recipe videos and dry someone else's creation for a change so this idea popped in my head a few days ago when while scrolling for Instagram as one does I found myself doing kind of a deep dive into their vegan recipe videos and I ran across this thing avocado pancakes Now for obvious copyright reasons, I cannot share the actual video here But I gotta say upon seeing this my mind was pretty much lit up with so many questions such as Why? how what for and Why? So I know this night sounds a bit dramatic But I honestly couldn't really picture what the recipe would turn out like I Mean avocado pancakes sounds like something that might turn out to be pretty heavy and fatty and to be honest Not the best recipe for something sweet not to mention the fact that the recipe also includes baby spinach So I really wanted to give it a go and then do a taste test then share the results I Also posted the ingredients on the side here for you guys to see them as well I also wanted to mention real fast that I did make the mistake of adding too little flower here I am using oats despite the recipe calling for oat flour I just didn't have any on hand when filming this recipe don't make the same mistake coz the pancakes definitely won't hold So in this case what I did end up doing was adding more flour to the mix and it all finally turned out

Okay? So I gotta admit I did taste the patter a lot like it was the perfect combo of sweet salty and Avocado and carb filled at the same time, but it did feel a bit heavy as I feared however, after the pancakes were completely cooked through none of that slightly fatty consistency was there I mean they Surely felt a lot more moist than classic pancakes, but overall the avocado was not as overpowering as I expected I Topped my pancakes with some more agave syrup, which I do feel was a bit overboard But nonetheless they tasted really really good They did however feel heavier and a bit more dense and hard to digest than regular pancakes but they weren't as impossible as I thought it would be so I would recommend them I guess but not as like a Everyday dessert just as a treat maybe from time to time Ok, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know I had a lot of fun making it let me know what you think in the comments down below and leave a like And don't forget to subscribe since it really really supports my channel, and I'll see you next time Bye

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