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I Tried To Make Vegan Bacon Out Of Carrots



– It's very potent Just a baby drop

Oh! Yeah, I had a little bit of a problem Here I am I think I have a simple recipe, and somehow there's still drama Hey, what's up, everybody? It's your girl Merle here, and today we're gonna be doing a very special vegan substitute I am gonna venture to guess that a lot of you already have heard of this one

We're gonna be making bacon out of carrots! This recipe comes from the one, the only, goddess queen, Tabitha Brown I'm sure you guys all know about her She's amazing If you haven't already, check her out Tabitha's carrot bacon recipe went mega viral on TikTok

Everybody's been talking about it People have been asking me to do this for a while Today's the day So let's get into this This recipe seems really easy

I'm gonna start by just cutting the top and the bottom off of my carrots Not to brag, but to brag, I've actually been able to work with Tabitha a couple of times in the past She's such a warm, calming presence And if you're wondering if she's as nice in person as she seems to be, she's even nicer The way she did this is she just used a regular old peeler, and she peeled them into really thin strips

I have used carrots in the past to make lox, and it was very successful to most of us Most of us liked it a lot If you have the carrot elevated above your hand, I have mine right up against the side of my cutting board, you can actually peel further down Your hand's not knocking into the cutting board All right

So now we've got all of this great carrot bacon It already looks way more fun than normal carrots So now it's time to make the marinade Again, super simple She didn't give exact measurements, so I'm gonna be kinda eyeballing this a little bit

But Tabitha used some maple syrup, some Liquid Smoke And Liquid Smoke is gonna be very important to this recipe It's very potent, so you really don't need to use a lot If I look on this, it says, "Mix two teaspoons per pound of ground meat" So for like four carrots' worth of carrot bacon, I'm gonna say an eighth of a teaspoon

Just a baby drop, just a baby drop Oh! Oh, that's gonna be way too much See, this is the opposite of what Tabitha does in her video Hers is very relaxing and smooth and controlled, and this is not that Maybe watch one of her videos after you watch this

(screen beeps) Take two I'm gonna start with the Liquid Smoke this time This should not be as difficult as I have made it I completely missed the teaspoon, but it went in the bowl, so Now a little bit of maple syrup

We've got some smoked paprika, and some garlic powder, and peppers I made enough only for like two hamsters to share one of these strips of bacon Oh man, that's not enough Gotta do more So one thing Tabitha doesn't do is she doesn't use any salt

I love salt, and I'm gonna use a little bit, because I want to Let's try to coat these in the mixture Stir it up Now she lets this marinade sit for like two minutes, so I'll do the same I am going to use an air fryer because I wanna try to accurately recreate this as much as possible, but you can also use an oven if you don't have an air fryer

So we've got this pretty evenly lined up and spread out in here I'm gonna pop these in the air fryer for just about five minutes at 380 degrees Fahrenheit Now I guess we'll see how they come out Oh, we have a little bit of a problem These just shriveled right up into a little, creepy-looking ball that does not look like bacon

This looks like something I could pull out of the food disposal in a horror movie Oh, but you know what? They're crispy Maybe I judged them too quickly Oh my goodness That's delightful

They feel like carrot chips I would definitely put these in a wrap, like she did in her TikTok Do these taste like bacon? No, they don't But I don't like carrots or chips Don't come at me for the chips thing

I don't care But I love these That is so good Aria's gonna laugh at me, though I think he's gonna laugh at me

Okay, you can come out now Hello? (screams) Oh my god! (screams) Well, listen, I have a special recipe for you today – Seems fair – This one is particularly special, 'cause it's by someone I adore – Tabitha Brown? – Yeah

– She shot a video with Tabitha Brown the day after we confessed our feelings to each other – Is that true? – Yes – Do not say anything bad about Tabitha Brown – Why would I? – Oh, okay So basically, if I hate the recipe, I should say I love it

– You're not gonna hate it You can't the anything she does – I want people to know I graduated with an associate's degree in Theater Arts from my community college – Don't fake your reaction either – Okay

So it's carrot bacon? – Yep – So obviously, it doesn't look like bacon That looks like potpourri That's pretty good – I don't believe that

– It's very good Compared to the bacon though, I'm gonna give it like 68 I'm closing my eyes and trying to picture the taste of bacon and it's not exactly there It does taste good, though, for what it, I mean, it tastes good

You can nibble on it, like watch a movie and shit – That's what I'm saying They're like chips – Mm-hmm, exactly – I don't like carrots and I like this a lot

– Yeah, I don't like carrots really, either, and I like these That's what I'll do I'll do a little tasty – I say "Oh yes" – [Both] Oh, yes

– [Aria] Oh, yes, oh, yes I want them to replace me after tasting this Oh yes, oh yes – [Merle] That is not gonna happen – [Aria] It should be, it should be, it should be, it should be

– Thank you for trying it, thank you (upbeat music)

Source: Youtube

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