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– So here is how it looks So I'm very intrigued to see how this one is

Yeah, it looks good Mine definitely does not look as neat as the one in the Tik Tok (mellow melodic music) Hi, I'm Ayesha, I'm a video producer at BuzzFeed UK and today I'm going to be testing out some vegan Tik Tok recipes and hacks I don't know about you, but my Tik Tok is inundated with recipes and food content I feel like all the recipes I've chosen, look like they taste really good, easy, vegan meals that don't take very much time to make it is like definitely a win in my book

If you look on Tik Tok, I see so many like hack style recipes, where it's just like things that using ingredients in ways that you'd never really think to use them One is a two ingredient mud cake One is a three ingredient vegan pancake, then I'm gonna turn that into pancake cereal, which I'm sure you've seen all over your feed Two ingredient pasta and I would say like a chocolate spread, Nutella sandwich in a toaster I'm feeling really positive and hopeful about them I feel like they all look really delicious

I really wanted to just kind of test them out and see whether they're good Welcome to my kitchen So it's about lunchtime, so I'm ready to start cooking some things, I'm very hungry (cheerful melodic music) So the first thing I'm gonna make is a two ingredient Alfredo, it is just pasta, pasta water, salt and hummus Hopefully it tastes good, so let's try this one out

Okay, here's my pan of water, it says heavily salt it, so that's what I'm gonna do The key thing is that you have to cook it for two minutes less than the instructions state, so you have to make sure it's still al dente So I'm gonna leave that to cook for eight minutes So now I'm going to turn this off and what I'm gonna do is reserve some of the pasta water and now is the exciting part So basically you wanna add in your hummus and you also wanna add in the pasta water and you wanna add an equal amount of hummus to pasta water, so get that in there

(cheerful melodic music) Okay, so I'm not really sure what is supposed to happen to this one, it hasn't really come together as a sauce yet, maybe I put in too much water, like right now, it's too watery I'm actually just gonna add in some more, because why not? Add another spoon (cheerful melodic music) Okay, so now it's time to serve it up So here is how it looks, as you can see, it looks like a pretty good bowl of pasta I'm excited to eat this one

Oh, my God What? It's creamy, it's filling, it's satisfying Oh, my God, this is so good I love this, like I'm not kidding, I feel like I could eat this in two seconds, if I put my mind to it, mm So next I'm gonna try three ingredient pancakes

So it's made with just oats, banana and any non-dairy milk of your choice The first thing that we're gonna do is pop this into a blender for a few seconds, so that it turns into oat flour And now we need to add in three-quarters of a cup of any non-dairy milk of your choice, I'm using oat milk Add that in there Then you need to add in one large, ripe banana

Okay, so that's gonna go in, break it up And then the final step, this is optional, but you can add in vanilla extract or cinnamon or whatever other flavor that you want, so I have some vanilla extract here, I'm just gonna add in a tiny, tiny bit So here we have the pancake butter, that blended together in like seconds So now all that's left to do is make the pancakes Put the pan over a low heat and add in some oil or some vegan butter and then get ready to fry

Okay, so now we just need to wait for it to cook and then once it starts to bubble on the top, that's when you know it's time to flip it over Really nervous about this one, I feel like I'm gonna mess this one up, so fingers crossed Okay, I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try It looks good Okay, I think this is done, it is ready, I'm just gonna serve it with some maple syrup and some fruit

There we have my vegan pancake, yeah, it looks good Again, it was just really easy, everything just basically goes in the blender and then you just put it in the pan and that's it Mm, it tastes really good, I didn't even use that ripened banana, but the sweetness totally comes through It tastes good You can do whatever with yours, so I just want to show you what the inside looks like, I've actually eaten most of it already, but yeah, really, really good

No beating the batter, nothing complicated to do, just put it all in the blender, put it in the pan and then you have really, really good pancakes So while we're on the topic of pancakes, I'm gonna try something that I know you've seen all over your Tik Tok feed, it is of course pancake cereal (light melodic orchestral music) So what this is is just loads and loads of mini pancakes and you put it in a bowl, you can have it with maple syrup, you can make it into a cereal and have it with milk I have a little squeezy box here, I'm just gonna put the batter in that, the pancake batter I've just made, put it into here, put it in the pan and then hopefully have some pancake cereal Okay, so here we have a bottle of pancake batter and now what I'm gonna do is squeeze it out into a pan and make loads of little mini pancakes

So that's what I'm gonna do with this cute little bottle I'm just gonna heat up my pan again (light melodic orchestral music) This is what they look like when they're cooking in the pan, as you can see, they're almost ready to flip, because they've all got the little bubbles on top (light melodic orchestral music) Okay, so the pancake cereal is ready and it looks so good and so cute So there's two ways to try it, there's the one where you put in the syrup and have it like pancakes and then you can also make it into cereal, I'm gonna do both, let's do this

(light melodic orchestral music) I have not seen cereal that looks like this, but I'm very intrigued to try it, here we go Hm, I think if you're gonna have this as a cereal, you need to make sure that both sides are like really crispy and cooked, because mine are kind of like soft pancakes, so then it's a bit of a weird texture with the milk, my pancakes are really soggy Okay, so they taste just like the other ones, but smaller Does it make it taste different? No, is it a really cute way to present your breakfast? Yes, definitely Okay, so this is a Nutella sandwich pocket toastie thing

(melodic country music) Nutella of course is not vegan, so I have some vegan chocolate hazelnut spread In the Tik Tok, they open it and then it all oozes out, so Also check out the bread I got, it's actually specifically made for toasties That's all you need, two slices of the bread and what you want to do is cut the crusts off the bread So then the next thing you wanna do is just put some of the spread on top

I'm gonna be quite generous with this, because I want it to ooze out So here is the bread and you can see it's got the Nutella on it, then you just wanna pop the other one on top and then what you wanna do is get a fork and you kind of wanna crimp the edges together (melodic country music) Just checking if that's all together, mine definitely does not look as neat as the one in the Tik Tok Well, I mean, this is what it is, so we're gonna put it in the toaster now and see how this turns out (melodic country music) Ah, ah, ah, ah

Okay I didn't know how long to toast it for, I just kind of guessed, but it feels warm Ooh! Look at that, now that looks good I broke that really terribly, but it is melty It's a nice idea, I think it's a cute take on toast, just shakes things up a bit, makes it a little bit different, adds a little bit more excitement to your breakfast or whenever you're having this

Okay, so this recipe is a two ingredient mud cake (mellow melodic music) It is literally just Oreos or any kind of sandwich cookie that you want and milk and that is literally it Let's give this one a try So all you need for this one is a mug, some plant-based milk and some sandwich cookies of your choice, I'm using Oreos So you just get some Oreos, it doesn't say how many, so I'm just gonna guess

Put them in there Pour in some milk Then you get a spoon and you kind of mash it up and mix it all together (mellow melodic music) Cool, okay, so it's all coming together, it basically looks exactly like cake batter, which is great and now we just need to put it in the microwave It actually looks like a cake now or like a wet cake

Arjay, do you wanna come here? Okay, so I'm actually gonna get my brother to try this one, he is a big fan of all things chocolate – I'll try a little bit of it It feels like I shouldn't be eating this, but it tastes so good – What do you mean it feels like you shouldn't be eating it? – It doesn't feel healthy It's a bit less sweet than I thought it would taste

– Okay – But that's a good thing, you don't always want it too sweet, do you? – Does it taste like a cake? – No – What does it taste like? – Like malt and brownies, yeah, I mean, I would have it again – There you go then – Thanks

– So I'd say that the two ingredient mud cake is a big success, it seems like my brother is enjoying it It's vegan, it's really easy, it took me all of about five minutes, if that, so definitely recommend trying it out Okay, so now I'm back in my bedroom, I am extremely full I could do with a nap right now I liked every recipe, I liked every hack, Tik Tok recipes definitely are onto something here and I can see why they're so popular, I can see why they've got so many views and why so many people are enjoying them

Looked great, smelled great, tasted great and I just cannot complain So thank you so much and see you next time (light melodic music)

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New Cookery Recipes
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