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I Went to the Biggest VEGAN GROCERY STORE in Canada | The Edgy Veg



Hey guys, it's Candace, the Edgy Veg And today I'm gonna take you grocery shopping at an all vegan grocery store

So this is Toronto's first all vegan grocery store It's called Good Rebel, and I've become pretty good friends with the people that own this place over the last few years because they have all of the products that I need that is not available anywhere else in the city So it's a fun little destination place to go if you need some great obscure vegan products I have my reusable bags, my cooler, for all my frozen products Let's go shopping

(soft music) One of the things that drew me to Good Rebel right away is the fact that they have two cheese fridges Any awesome cheese product that you're looking for is here, anything from more traditional slices style, to like the artisanal stuff, to super artisanal stuff, kinda fancy Like anything that your heart desires cheese-wise they have and they're all good Then, we have our freezer of frozen meat products Some of the stuff you can buy at a traditional grocery store here in Toronto, but a lot of it is brought in especially for them

This is where I get the bacon that you guys are always freaking out about So we're gonna pick up a few of those, since we're right here But a lot of great little frozen meals, as well as meat products And this is also a favorite fridge of mine, they just got the vegan Magnums But yeah, anything, any dairy-free product you can think of, any meat-free product you can think of, it's all here

(soft music) I'm going to be making some quesadillas this week, so I'm gonna need some cheese shreds I haven't tried this one yet But it's from France It's called Emborg So I'm gonna try that in the quesadillas

Oh, there's cheese strings, cool This is the best artisanal vegan cheese you will ever have It is a Italian black truffle And I eat it with crackers, and I can eat one of these in one sitting It's so, so good

It's like one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life So we're getting that It's summer, despite the fact that I'm wearing a jacket, here in Canada So we're gonna get some barbecue things, some sausages, they have the all meat sausages and the burgers, we're gonna grab some of those Yeah, we're doing this

This is a new product that I'm obsessed with They use butter beans to make all of their dairy-free products, and they're so, so good So it's palm oil-free, which is great But I think it's just butter beans and oats Yeah, butter beans, oats

It's very tasty I always have some Tofurkey slices at home, so we're gonna grab that And then, let's get some unconventional milks (soft music) Macadamia nut in coffee God bless it's soul, it's so good

So good (mumbles) Obviously They're like vegan Ritz crackers, so good Let's go to the candy section, 'cause momma needs her chocolate and candy Peanut butter cups, yes

This thing, yes It's like an Almond joy, yes I'm supposed to be on a diet because I'm going to Miami next week, it's not gonna happen What are you? Organic sour beans? I don't know what you are, but we're gonna try you Did you see that my cookbook's here? Did you see it? So if you're in Toronto, and you wanna buy it, it's right here

And I think they're all signed No, they're not, I lied Some coffee, and what have I not tried? Vegan condoms, I bet you didn't think that was a thing Which one do you wanna try? Do you wanna try the creamy mac and chao? Or the chili mac and chao? – [Male Speaker] Leaning towards chili just– – Yeah, cause it's different, right? Okay, we're gonna do that All right, I found this vegan cheese kit in brie flavor, to make brie

I don't know how to phrase that So we decided that we're gonna film the video of me making brie Also, if you want like a vegan chicken broth, this is the best one So along with all the awesome vegan products that they have back there, they also have a produce section So let's say you pick up something, you're like, "Oh, this'll go really well with a salad"

You can pick up some stuff from here On a scale of one to 10, how vegan are you? Are you 28 kilograms of jackfruit vegan? (laughter) (soft music) All right, I've done my shop I've got all the stuff that we're gonna try later, and that we're gonna cook up But I'm also here with the owners of Good Rebel

This Mercedes, and Moe And I just wanted them to have the opportunity to tell you guys a little bit about why you're here Like why Good Rebel? And your story's really inspiring so I'd love for you guys to talk about that a little bit – Thank you, thank you It is a pleasure to have you always

Yeah, so we opened Good Rebel almost three years ago We both left our jobs to open this vegan place We knew that there was a need in this city and we really just wanted to showcase the multitude of vegan products on the market – Thank you for that (laughter) – Yeah it's a pleasure, always a pleasure

And yeah, just did our best to create this haven that was a resource for people transitioning to veganism, vegan for many, many years, and then everybody in between – We wanted to create a safe space, a space where anybody could feel welcome and no judgment, just lots of love, and lots of vegan goodies – Anything that I need that's like a niche specialty product, I'm always like, "Oh Good Rebel will have it" But also it's just, you guys are the first, right? The first vegan grocery store? – There was one ages ago in Toronto, for a couple years, but it's definitely a different time now, that's for sure That's for sure, yeah

– Yeah, awesome Well, thank you so much for letting us come in and show our viewers around – Thank you – And kinda show what we can do in the future, and inspire some people – Amazing, thank you – Yeah, thank you

– All right guys, there you have it, a quick little tour of Good Rebel, the second Toronto vegan grocery store, and I hope you guys enjoyed this Let me know in the comment section below if there's anything like this in your city I'd love to maybe check it out one day If you're new here, make sure to hit that subscribe button If you like these type of videos, give this video a big thumbs up, and I will see you next time

Bye (soft music)

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