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Idiyappam recipe in tamil /Sweet and karam



Hallo friends me yours SUBHAGURU today is SUNDAY In a leisurely manner we are going to make the traditional food Idiyappam /Rice noodles as I planned We are going to make two kinds of Idiyappam / Rice noodle By using SUGAR and COCONUT we are going to make sweet Idiyappam / Rice noodle By using tomato gravy we are going to make KARAM Idiyappam/ Rice Noodles Thus we are going to make two varieties SWEET AND KARAM In this today fast world nobody interested in making Idiyappam / Rice noodles They are thinking it is a very difficult process You feel it like that So I will tell you the method by making it batch by batch If you make Idiyappam / Rice noodle it is very easy Now a days most of the children don't like it Idiyappam/Rice noodle and also don't want to take it Today all children and kids like only PIZZA BURGER, PASTA and NOODLES, They are like eating But it is in our hands to take the traditional foods to the next generations we having lot of benefits in making Idiyappam/Rice noodle at home

It is easily digestable it can be taken by the small kids to the elders All ages people can take this food recipe No we can see how to prepare this Idiyappam /Rice noodle Come let's see Now in Idiyappam/ Rice noodles we are going to make SWEET and KARAM For making Idiyappam/ Rice noodles we need ready made Idiyappam rice flour Like this Easily available in markets With this we can make In this Idiyappam/ Rice noodles We are going to use tomato for making KARAM for that two tomatoes Half onion is enough Two green Chillies, Kari leaves and Coriander leaves For seasoning mustard , Urud dal , asafoetida, Cooking oil and Salt all these we need For making KARAM IDIYAPPAM For making SWEET we need half a cocanut Required quantity of coconut can be taken 3 nos of CARDOMON, GHEE and SUGAR for the required amount A little bit of honey to be added at the last All these things we required for making SWEET Now we will see how to prepare This idiyappam For making Idiyappam first and fore most we have to , first and fore most thing we must filter it using mesh to remove the slightly bigger products of the flour, we must filter it using mesh to remove the slightly Bigger particules if we left that If we leave those bigger particulars If we use it Bigger particular will closed the holes of the crushing tool We are not able to crush the flour properly They have grinned it nicely so no bigger particles found For this next tip is we have to take Two small tumbler of flour Rice flour has to be taken This is another tumbler for rice flour Now we will add salt we will add little hot water Dissolve and add Slightly stir it Stir it gently Use only hot water The flour should be slightly wet at his stage Add water to one side of the flour Prepare the dough for that batch only mix it well in this way if you prepare the dough and Crush it, it will be easy for making rice strings By adding water little by little prepare the dough to fill the crushing machine level Like this and the required quantity This much only Now we will add the dough to the crushing maching By putting it we will crush it look it is easy for curshing For many people this part of the work will be very difficult they feel Now we have crushed it super Now we will add water and make the dough If you prepare all the dough at a time It will be difficult to crush the dough It will be very super for crushing Enough ,now we put in idly cooker for steaming we will take the next plate now ready the another batch during this time the first batched is steamed , In this manner we will prepare batch by batch Like this way we have to prepare when the dough is hot we have to crush the dough If it cools it will be hard for crushing You find it very hard it will not be easy No open the idly cooker That plate of idiyappam is steamed and ready We will take this plate out Replace it with another one That has to be steamed In this way if we prepare it will be easier and quicker Idiyappam , lets the other plate boils Keep the kadai or frying pan Add two spoon of oil A litte bit of mustard seeds and urd dhaal to be added Curry leaves and asafoetida Green chili and onions Onion has turned brown and add tomatos Mix it well stir onion and tomato Add required amount of salt Add small spoon of salt Add one spoon salt saute it All has to be smashed Saute it well until whole thing is mixed Now see our Tomato curry is ready Now add the idiyappam and mix it well Now we have take a small quantity of idiyappam We are going to prepare it SWEET Add grated coconut One spoon of Ghee one two three four spoon of sugar Now mix it well by hand gently mix it gently gently stir all will mixed well Now we will add cardamon powder Add a little bit of honey it will be very delicious with nice aroma it will give a superb taste This idiyappam will be very flavour It will be very tasty That's all now our sweet idiyappam is ready Now we add idiyappam to tomato gravy Mix it gently Like the previous method mix it well Look Friends ours SWEET and KARAM idiyappam For sweet we used sugar and honey For Karam we used tomato Mixing it with tomato gravy I had made in two options Superb Idiyappam /Rice noodles is ready we can use it for morning breakfast We can make it as SUNDAY morning breakfast We can prepare leisurely Since we are using honey It will give added extra flavour All children and kids will surely love it My friends do you watched how to make idiyappam In this method if you do it batch by batch it will be easy if you use hot water it will be easy for crushing It is very easy for crushing It is a very good morning breakfast So you can prepare it for an occasion or on Sunday morning break fast you can prepare All family members will like it very much so like it , comment it , share it But don't forget to subscribe it Thankyou with regard yours SUBHAGURU

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