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I'm gonna to cook this spicy soup at microwave, very best way to cook this soup in microwave



Hello Let's do cook about this soup

I think, this is Chinese soup What's this called? Trash? Tonight we will take the trash out 5:30 Five and three zero To cook this

Trash and Recycle need to be take out You have to, how to cook The direction You need hot water First, you need to this out

This can't be inside the mircowave This is not for the mircowave Put the water inside, up into line The line is right here You have to take this, you have to use this, right? And put the water inside

Just put water in Just water inside and mircowave Use only the mircowave, for this Some soup use here This one use only the mircowave

If you want to cook, this soup Don't worry we will take trash outside This can make bigger mess Everytime I do this, because I don't want, put everything down That's how do it

I got that start for this Have to tear this I have used to take it out I will be back Use fork

I recommended the fork This is pretty good to use fork This is tall person And can't see the face The face

You have to use the fork For cook, to eat soup Never put inside the toaster Never put this inside the toaster and inside the mircowave All this right here

Make sure have to wait This can to catch fire And this can to catch fire Sliverware can to catch fire I like to use plastic fork, spoon, bowl, cups

This is much easy way If you don't like to use dish, just use plastic stuffs Not those That's so spicy This is so spicy

That's why, can't put this inside mircowave This is metal Can't put metal inside mircowave This can to catch fire You have to stir this

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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