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Impress your friends and local shoemakers with chicken scarpariello | Teach Dave to Cook



-Hi, Dave! -Hi, Mary Beth -It's a new day! -It's a new day

It's a new arrangement of foods, including that -Well, this is Brussels sprouts This is how Brussels sprouts grow -It looks like Bam-Bam's stick -Yeah

-Bam! -Bam! -Hi I'm Dave -And I'm Mary Beth -I'm just a guy who shoots video for the Washington Post and brave enough to take on any role But the one thing that scares me — cooking

-And I'm the food host of the Washington Post, which means I get paid to cook And now I get to do my dream job with a friend It's time to "Teach Dave to Cook" Today we're going to make our entrée — Chicken Scarpariello -That's what it is? -That's what it is

-Is that how you say it, actually? -You can say chicken with peppers and sausage if you want to do it that way -No, no, I want to say it the way you said it -Chicken Scarpariello -Chicken Scarpariello -Oh, my gosh! You did amazing! -Well, I — -And you're Nordic

I'm Italian, but you're Nordic -I've seen "The Godfather" twice And "Part II" once -Wow! Then you're an honorary Italian -It's the same

-It's a chicken dish that's cooked with sausage and peppers The great thing about this dish is you can cook it in advance, keep it in the refrigerator for, like, a couple of days, and then just re-warm it the day you want to serve it 'cause it smells amazing 'cause it's, like, chicken stock and vinegar and wine and onions This is a cast-iron skillet -Yes -Do you own one? -I do now

Do you know why? -No -Because when we made steak, I was like, "I need some other skillet," and that was the first one I bought -Oh, my gosh Really? -I'm not joking -How much was it? -$35

-Perfect! Usually, I don't measure oil, right? I just, like, put what looks like 2 tablespoons of oil in the pan So, we're not looking to cook the sausages all the way through, just to brown them because the thing about a sauce, as you found out with the pan sauce, is that it takes on the flavor of whatever's on the bottom, right? -Right -So we're gonna get the brown deliciousness all over the sausages That's gonna go into the sauce, and it's gonna, like, become delicious and — -Oh, that makes sense -You know what that feels like

So, the other thing — Scarpariello — -Scarpariello -In Italian, it means "shoemaker's chicken" -Like, the people who made shoes made this? -Yeah, like, cobblers because it's a meager dish The Italian shoemakers didn't make a lot of money I mean, tell that to Bruno Mali, right? -Yeah! -So, they needed a meager dish that was sort of cobbled together with stuff thrown in it

So that's where it came from — Shoemaker's chicken -I like it -So, see? It's a meal with a story, too So, let's say that you make this for somebody at your house and you don't have a lot to talk about, then you can talk about this So, the thing is, is, like, you don't want to move them around too much

It won't brown if you just keep moving it around, poking it around Leave it alone -Okay -Now, already, doesn't your place smell great? -It smells amazing -So, now we're going to season the chicken

Now, kosher salt — the reason it's so good for seasoning is because it's big The crystals are bit So it's easy to pick up and just throw in Now, I like to put it in a little pot so that when you're done with it, you can either use all of it, or you just have a few grains left, and you can just throw it away 'cause it's all raw-chicken-y All right, now let's take the sausage out

-Deal I could do this all day -And now put this chicken in skin-side-down because we want that skin to get nice and crunchy and crisp And then you've got a really rich mouth-feel sauce You've got the tang of the vinegar, plus you've got the sweetness of the peppers

It's like a beautiful contrast of flavors and textures That's why I love this dish so much -Just putting all of those in there was weirdly satisfying The way they fit, too — I don't know if you did that intentionally -I did not do that intentionally

I didn't measure it out -It's like all the Power Rangers came together -Have you ever chopped garlic? -Once before with you here in this kitchen Many months ago And that's how this show was born

-It was because you didn't know the difference between a head of garlic and a clove of garlic -I know now the difference -What's this? -That's a clove -Great job -Thank you

-Do you know how to peel a clove of garlic? -No -The best technique is this -Whoa! -And then it just comes right off -Just — -Yeah! -Too much? -No, that was great -Thank you

-For your first smash -For my first smash -It was amazing -Thank you -How do you feel? -I feel great

I could smash garlic all day, as well -Confident? -Yeah -Older? -Older Wiser Smashier

-Now, the parts that you want to get rid of are, like, parts that you wouldn't want to eat Like, I wouldn't want to eat that, right? So you can just slice that off -Goodbye, thing I don't like -Very small pieces length-wise And then in very small pieces cross-wise

-You know those Instagrams where it's just people chopping stuff? -No -Doing satisfying things Okay, well, there's these Instagrams where people chop stuff and do satisfying things You can mince garlic on that and just get all the likes -Can I make money this way? -Probably

-All right Stay tuned -Get a sponsor Yes -One way to keep it all in one place is to put a little salt down

-Ooh! -And then that keeps it in place Also, it sounds good, doesn't it? Crunch, crunch, crunch -It does I'm telling you Ooh! -Yeah! There you go! -Wow! -So, you want to take off the chicken and remove it to the plate

-Okay Do you want to put it brown-side-up? -Yeah 'Cause we want to keep that brown side crunchy -Right -If we put it brown-side-down, it'll get soggy

Perfect While the onions are cooking, we're gonna measure out some liquid for the sauce -Okay -We're going to do a cup of wine -Ooh

-Yeah -But what about for the sauce? Okay -Jesus A cup of chicken stock Put those onions in Put it in the garlic Do you see how there are little brown bits on the bottom of the pan? -Yes Uh-huh

-The wine will get them off the bottom of the pan and add them into the sauce -Oh, cool -Nice! -Ooh! -Perfect We're gonna reduce that wine by about half, just to get it concentrated And while that's going on, you can measure out 1/2 cup of white wine vinegar

So now you can see that the liquid, the wine, has reduced to about half of what we poured in So now we're going to put in the stock and the vinegar -Okay -Okay, so, pour in that chicken stock White-wine vinegar has a much better flavor than white vinegar, which most people use for, like, cleaning

The next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna put our chicken back into the pan And we want the crunchy part on top to stay crunchy -That was the most satisfying thing I've ever picked up in my life -You want to try to avoid getting on top of the skin 'cause we want to try to keep the skin crispy -Like, there would be good

-Yep -Okay -Now, slice the sausages as big of a piece as you would want to take a bite when you're eating a bite with a piece of chicken If you feel like the people who you're eating with would not eat the end, don't put the end in -I like to surround myself with people who would eat the end

-I mean, that's actually a good test If you have somebody over to your house and they won't eat the sausage end, just like, "Pbbt" -"Get out of here!" -"I don't need you anymore" -"Never eat sausage in my home again!" -There you go Fantastic

Now the magic happens -Okay -I have my oven heated to 350 degrees This whole thing goes into the oven, and you fuhgetaboutit -Fuhgetaboutit! -For 30 minutes

That's right 'cause it's Italian chicken, so you fuhgetaboutit -Fuhgetaboutit! -There you go -All right Goodbye, sweet chicken Till we meet again

-Those look great on you I'm gonna buy you a pair for Secret Santa -These are fun And comfortable -Yeah

-Oh, my God! But actually — -Man, wow Look at that Smells incredible It's glossy, which is beautiful, but there are also pops of red And you know what else I'm gonna do? -No! -Come on

You do it You can use any kind of parsley you want -Okay I didn't even know that there were different types of parsley -I mean, can you imagine bringing this to the table? Being like, "Dinner is served"? You don't have to say that twice

There's a ton of sausage in there There's a ton of peppers There's plenty for everyone -So, if we're making this for even, like, two people, you could just put two pieces of chicken in here, and that would do just fine, right? -Absolutely No question

That is correct However, this keeps so well not just in the refrigerator for a few days, and it gets better over time -Right, so making it with six is not such a bad idea, anyway -'Cause you could eat it the next day You can give it to your next-door neighbor

-That's right -The person who never gets any visitors, who needs a little love -I know who you're talking about -You know? -I'm thinking about you I don't know their name

-Oh, look at that — that melt-y — That's what happens to the pepper is that the pepper gets all melt-y -Yes -Are you doing okay? -I'm so ready to eat it I can't even, like — -Look at your bite -Yeah, that's what I'm saying

I'm already — I'm ahead of you here -Mmm! Oh, my gosh See, it's tangy and it's rich and it's sweet and it's crunchy and it's tender Now, what do you think of chicken thighs, by the way? -Love them! -Yeah Okay, so, Dave, what did you learn today? -Italian shoemakers are geniuses

-Mm-hmm -On a broader scale -Just Italians, generally -On a more specific scale, I learned how to brown chicken I've never done that before

I've cooked chicken, like, in a pan before, but not really with a lot of thought or, like, forethought or afterthought I've learned how to cook a meal that could be for six people or two, then I have a bunch for the rest of the week And it's not just something like, "Oh, I have to eat this 'cause I made so much" Like, I want to eat this, which is a huge difference -We all know those dishes, right? -Oh, totally! -"I just have to finish this

" -Yeah, "I've cooked so much" But this is, like, I would, all week, look forward to eating the rest of this -Yeah -Nothing we used today was made with something I don't have I can make this right now

I mean, I don't know if I will -If you weren't going home with the leftovers, perhaps you would -Exactly! -We're gonna make everybody in the Washington Post kitchen very jealous tomorrow -That's right Especially the shoemakers

-On the next "Teach Dave to Cook" We create a classic make-ahead chocolate dessert -Yeah! -What? ! And we find out if there's anything Dave won't do for $10 -Oh, my God -That's pretty good

-I'm gonna go get my wallet Join us for the finale -I want to eat more!

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