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Incredible Egg Cooking School – Hard Meringue



Hi, I'm chef Robert A hard meringue is often made into cookies or used as a crust

Here's the combined ingredients we'll be using Our equipment We'll start by adding our egg whites and our cream of tartar Now, we'll turn the mixer on slow Gradually increase our speed

It's very important that there are no egg yolks in your egg whites otherwise the fat from the egg yolk will prevent your meringue from forming properly We will gradually increase our speed As it's starting to get foamy as you can tell At this point we'll go ahead and add our sugar one tablespoon at a time One of the keys is to make sure your sugar is dissolved You'll do that test by rubbing a little between your fingers to make sure there is no gritty feel Turn that off

Again, try to stay off the sides where some of the sugar splattered so you can get a true test and see what we have here Maybe just a little more Now that's going we'll go ahead and add our vanilla Increase it a little bit Get that nice blend Because we also have a little brown to it but we want to get this incorporated so it goes back to that nice white shine

And that should do it See what we have here Notice how much more volume and gloss there is to this Have some cookies here This is what we would make out of this

Source: Youtube

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