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Indha badusha try panirkingala?Wheat Badusha sweet recipe in Tamil|Balushahi|கோதுமை பாதுஷா



Hello viewers, we all love sweets but we avoid due to white sugar and maida Today we are going to make healthy sweet recipe"Wheat Badusha " Lets prepare dough

Take 1 cups wheat flour, pinch of salt, half tsp baking powder, 1 tbsp curd and 3 tbsp ghee Mix well When you hold the dough it will not fall apart At this stage add warm water and knead for 10 mins Cover it and allow it to rest

Meanwhile lets prepare sugar syrup Add half cup sugar and 1/4 cup of water and allow it to dissolve Wait till we get single string consistency We have achieved single string Pour lemon juice and switch off the flame

Take a small ball out of dough and tuck in the sides as shown Then make a small depression in the middle Pour oil and 1 tbsp ghee in kadai Add the badusha in medium flame Wait till golden brown

We have cooked the badushah Cook in medium flame so that the inner part gets cooked well We have prepared mini badusha, You can also make bigger one Now add cardamom powder and the badushas in sugar syrup and mix well It is dark in color since we have added wheat flour and brown sugar

Sweet and soft wheat badusha is ready Do try this at home Please subscribe, share, comment, like and click the bell icon for more interesting videos Stay tuned Bye bye

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New Cookery Recipes
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