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[UltraVid id=248 ]welcome to personal chef Suresh a podcast featuring traditional indian food cooking and preparation tips tricks and how to’s and now here’s your program host suresh hello and welcome to another episode of indian potpourri podcast today we are going to talk about camera be fri which is it’s not a traditional one but we we will try to make it as traditional as possible but it is a delicious dish so we got all the ingredients here these are the ingredients for cabe la style beef fry and this is just a homestyle it is not the real recipe but it is very delicious so we got beef right here this is for four to six people we got beef right here and we got some spices and dry ingredients they got cinnamon a few we got cardamom four or five we got fenugreek seeds this one you can get it in the indian store or you can find it somewhere in the foreign aisle in some wearing in your groceries fenugreek seeds a few just a few and then we got peppercorns a few and then we got cumin just a few toe and when we got fennel and we got close maybe three or four and then we got graded copeland you can make it fresh or you can have the frozen cognate and then we got chili powder or paprika powder make sure that this is very nice because the if you put too much it might pawn your some so just a little bit I put too much because I eat a lot of spice and then here we have a just a pinch of turmeric just a pinch right here and then we got coriander powder you can get it in in any store so these are the dry ingredients and right here we have onions you can put red onions or hello onions whatever you wanted and then we got sliced tomatoes the onions maybe half hour or full of its small and then we got Tomatoes here and then we got chopped cilantro so these are the ingredients we need for kerala beef stir-fry and also we have some ginger and garlic paste equal amount of ginger and garlic paste at the same time what I did here was I’m I had some of the ingredients which has been crushed these ingredients includes cardamom cinnamon and pepper pepper corns fenugreek seeds cumin and fennel seeds so just a pinch of each and then what I did was I just crushed it so these are the basic ingredients how did you crash it oh you can crush it any way you want you can crush it with a hammer or you can crush it crush it any way you want but make sure that is it is powder so basically it’s it’s not it’s not real real powder but it’s just a little bit so that it this is the one which gives a real flame and then movie star kayla is estate in India okay the state in India it’s in the southern region of India so it’s from South Indian dish this is a South Indian dish and I’m came as a beautiful city it’s also called God’s own country that’s correct that’s for it so they make them what do we have there they got a lot of men Coghlans coconuts and beaches wow it’s like nice so we got all well and the famous ayurved massage oh that’s correct we’ve got Ayurvedic massage and then so it’s a bit of pretty nice place and the food is delicious people understood so we have right here I’m coming oil you got all other ingredients just to recap what we have for beef because oil salt and pepper well as you we got the powdered ingredients and then I got a little bit of paprika or chilli powder turmeric coriander powder cognate you know it’s it’s cooking so cognate and they got some tomatoes and some onions sliced and chopped cilantro so what I’m going to do right now is just gonna heat up this pan got a little bit of oil and and while I Clark I would like to get some reviews of the box where you can find some good recipes one of the book they suggest is it is called modern cookery by Kangnam e Philip I can have that one as a link in our blog which is Indian free podcast dot wordpress com in there you will find all the links where we talk about all these things and then but that book is very very very nice you can find the basic things and it’s plain English so you don’t have to worry about it you can find a lot of recipes in there and very simple easy and simple and you can find it in amazon or any other store so let’s go ahead right now so i end up coil is a little bit hot it cares one of the things i use it it’s called curry these you can get it in the indian store and then mention it because I prefer prefer this one in so I’m going to use release and i’m going to use all the powdered ingredients right here make sure it’s on the low flame the best import food transport of course it does that’s not the speciality of of this on the powdered ingredients and then immediately the slice onions well follow the flavor the smell good so let it let it brown little onions Brown it so when you take like few minutes depending upon how much you have

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