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Indian Omelette Recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN featuring Sweet Cumin Cookery School



Hi folks hows it going welcome to my virgin kitchen i'm here again at the Sweet Cumin Cookery school and Bini just made me this stonking Indian omelette and this is how you make it Right i'm leaving Her to it see you later thankyou Barry i'll let him sit down whilst he's going to have a lovely meal there off you go

So this is how you make my Spicy Indian Omelette Your going to need some coriander, some ginger, garlic and chilli, then some salt and then you hit the spices The spices are coriander & cumin, tumeric, garam masala & chilli powder You also need some vegetable oil your doing really good are you ok there?! I am and some butter So those are the raw ingredients you need First of all Barry cracked the eggs into the little bowl and then whizzed them up a good pinch of coriander which is fresh and makes it lovely and lovely colours Great colours in there whooo, fantastic colours! Then you get the ginger, probably about a quarter teaspoon it's up to you, garlic a third of a teaspoon, fresh finger chillies, a pinch of salt, coriander and cumin about half a teaspoon, and then garam masala is usually half of that quantity so it's a quarter teaspoon a pinch of chilli powder and a pinch of tumeric

so give it a good old whizz In the frying pan add a little bit of oil and some butter allow the butter to infuse in the oil, just makes it lovely and sort of creamy You've gotta try this, you've gotta make this it's so easy sorry carry on! Am I in the way? No it's fine a sandwich filler! Do you want to try some? Yeah Amazing i'll go back and eat it You then add in all the mixture allow the egg mixture to be even all the way around and sometimes you can use the fish slice to sort of spread it around allow that egg to cook on one side then flip it over cook the other side until nice and golden brown and basically have your plate ready and then flick it onto your plate and then ready to eat, nothing else about it, it's delicious

Ooh we actually topped it with a little bit of fresh coriander on the top and that was it job done That is how good, that is how easy it is Bini could tell you the recipe and I got half way through it, the flavours are so so good in here playing around with all those spices like a magician enjoy it, make it your own, but that is how you make Bini's Indian Omelette, thank you very much Righty folks it's been a real pleasure for Bini to be able to tell me how to make a stonkingly good recipe, the flavours, there's so many levels do you know what I just wanna eat it right now but i'm not going to because you'd get really jealous and what we want you to do is to try it and make it yourself so if you enjoyed this recipe and you want Bini to do some more recipes let me know below, but Bini if you want to get in touch with Bini here's how you get in touch Thank you very much Barry You can catch me on www

sweetcumincouk & Twitter & Facebook Cool, so check it out & our question to you is if you made this yourself what sort of flavours would you add to it to really put your personality into the dish, make it your own, hmmm i'd probably put some chicken in there, hmmm onions for me – yeah, see you next time! General bloopers

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