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Indian Potato Puff Pastry | Bakery Style Patties | How to Make Potato Puffs | Potato Puffs Recipe


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Watch this “Indian Potato Puff Pastry | Bakery Style Patties | How to Make Potato Puffs | Potato Puffs Recipe” video below:

Aloo patties, aloo patties with puff pastry, or Indian potato turnovers, is a savoury vegetarian baked patty made with an Indian spiced potato mix in butter puff pastry. These bakery style patties are a popular snack that are available street-side or at school cafeterias. This potato puffs recipe has a vegetarian mix, made with potatoes, sautéed onions, ginger, cumin seeds and spiced with…..(read more)


  1. What can I say about your cooking but WOW these patties Look amazing your instructions are so clear and every meal is well presented HUGE BIG like from me my friend I am actually Looking through your recipes as I am leaving this comment if I cant find it I will be back with a request haha have a good weekend my friend.

  2. Hey! Nice video! I just came across your channel! I like what I see! Keep uploading! You have potential to grow! We small YouTubers should stick together! What do you think? 😉

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