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Instant Modak Recipe From Wheat Flour | How To Make Modak | Modak Banane Ki Vidhi



Today we will make favorite Modak of Lord Ganesha It can be made during Ganesh Chaturthi festival It is healthy Modak, because we have used wheat flour and jaggery Lets start making favorite Modak of Lord Ganesha INGREDIENTS : WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR – 1 CUP GHEE – 1/2 CUP JAGGERY – 1 CUP CARDAMOM POWDER – 1 TSP WATER MELON SEEDS – 1 TBSP YOU CAN USE CASHEW OR ALMONDS ALSO Lets start making Modak First will roast water melon seeds Put a pan on gas with medium flame and add water melon seeds Bring down flame to low Roast with keep stir Roast till they start changing color and becoming crispy seeds makes tasty modak and it also gives good look seeds are dry roast now they are crispy now Transfer them to in a plate Use same pan on gas Keep gas flame on low add ghee Keep 1 tbsp ghee for later when ghee is melted, add wheat flour stir properly mix properly with continuos stirring keep gas flame low roast properly due to continous stir it is not getting burnt Also flout do not get stuck to pan This modak is instant and easy to make and also very tasty Lord Ganesh like Modak , hence you make this during Ganesh Chaturthi festival wheat flour color is becoming dark now wheat flour color is changed now turn off gas add water melon seeds which are roasted add cardamom powder add jaggery add it after turning off gas only mix well use smashed jaggery so that it is melted and get mixed properly Cut jaggery can not melt properly mix well keep stir Now take pan on platform let it cool down not require to much cool and not much hot Transfer in a plate so that it can cool down fast now it is cool down and it is not forming proper bonding and little dry so add little ghee mix well so that it is mixed properly now it is bonding it is ready to make use modak mould insert lump of mixture in mould and keep pressing so that it form proper shape then open mould take out Modak Modak is ready put in a plate prepare all modak in same way see another modak press properly when filling in mould prepare all modak in same way All modaks are ready from this mixture, 8 modaks are made they are served in a plate you sure make this modak in Ganesh Chaturthi festival and share your experience with me in comment below

Source: Youtube

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