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INSTANT POT CHEESECAKE | vegan cheesecake recipe



Hi there it's Nisha, and today I'm going to show you how to bake a cheesecake in the Instant Pot This vegan Instant Pot Cheesecake is actually one of the best desserts I've ever made so I'm really excited to share it with you

And it has the same rich creaminess and sweet tangy tartness that you love about traditional cheesecake, but it's a little bit lighter and it's not gonna weigh you down like traditional cheesecake can do but I don't want you to think it's one of those raw vegan cheesecakes I do like those but they don't really taste like cheesecake to me – just kind of like a nice frozen treat but this cheesecake is the real deal it is just like regular cheesecake

I served it to lots of friends who are not vegan and they all thought it tasted just like cheesecake so if you like to use cake I'm sure you're gonna love this recipe And if you're wondering why the heck would I want to bake a cheesecake in the Instant Pot when I could just put it in the oven like everybody else, and that is a fair question, but there are a couple of reasons why First you can bake a cheesecake in the summertime without turning on your oven and getting really sweaty And second if you've ever baked a cheesecake before you know that sometimes they can dry out or get cracked on top or be underbaked in some spots and overbaked in others, and that's why a lot of recipes for cheesecakes recommend that you put them in a water bath

So you put the cheesecake pan in a shallow pan full of water and you put in the oven and that helps it stay moist but the Instant Pot already acts as a giant water bath on its own that's because when you do "pot in pot" cooking, which is what this is called, you pour some water into the inner pot and then you lower the cheesecake pan into that, you cover it and then you put the lid on top so the Cheesecake steams in this huge water bath instead of baking, so the cheesecake texture is going to be light and moist and tender and it's not gonna run the risk of getting over baked or turning dry And the final reason I wanted to share this recipe with you is because I have a vegan cheesecake recipe in my cookbook it's for cookies and cream cheesecake, and that was definitely one of the most popular recipes with friends and family during my cookbook recipe testing phase, so I figured I'd a similar version with you here

And speaking of my cookbook if you are seeing this video before June 18th, you still have a little bit of time to pre-order my cookbook it comes out officially on June 18th And if you preorder before then you will get some free bonus content that I've created just for people who pre-order

this includes a super helpful vegan meal prep guide to the Instant Pot and five bonus recipes that I've never shared Instructions to pre-order and how to claim your bonus content can be found in the description box below and if you're watching this after June 18th, you can of course still order my cookbook it has over 90 delicious vegan recipes that are both indulgent but wholesome at the same time with plenty of options that are gluten free, soy free, nut free, and sugar free The first step for this Instant Pot cheesecake is to prepare the crust

I'm using gingersnap cookies these are naturally vegan and I use them instead of graham crackers since it's hard to find vegan graham crackers I'm also using some pecans which will give the crust a nice buttery rich taste, and a pinch of salt And while the motor is running I'll stream in some melted coconut oil, which will helps moisten the crust and makes it stick together to prepare the cheesecake pan, i'm lining a springform pan with parchment paper

if you have a 6 quart Instant Pot like I do, a 7 inch springform pan will fit perfectly to press the crust into the bottom of the pan I find it helpful to use the bottom of a flat sided glass to evenly press everything down I pop the pan into the freezer to set the crust while I prepare the filling To prepare the cheesecake filling I have three star ingredients First is coconut cream or the solid white portion from a refrigerated can of full fat coconut milk

You can also buy store-bought coconut cream Next our raw cashews which have been soaked in water overnight if you forget to soak them you can soak them in boiling water for one hour the third star ingredients is store-bought vegan cream cheese If you don't want to buy this or can't find it or don't want to use it, there is a modification in the recipe that omits this ingredient

for the rest of the filling ingredients we have melted coconut oil use refined coconut oil if you don't want a coconutty taste, ome organic cane sugar to sweeten the cheesecake, vanilla extract, fresh lemon juice which gives the Cheesecake its tartness, and arrowroot powder which will help thicken the cheesecake filling To prepare the Instant Pot, I'm making a sling out of aluminum foil and that will make it easy to lift out the Cheesecake pan in and out of the Instant Pot Put the Cheesecake pan on top of the steamer rack or trivet as it's sometimes called, and then I'm going to cover the pan with some foil and pour water into the inner pot Then I'll lower the Cheesecake pan into the inner pot using the handles

Since I'm going for a classic cheesecake with this recipe I'm going to pair it with a classic topping, which is a strawberry sauceI have some fresh strawberries here and I'm going to dice half of them and cut the rest in half Add the diced strawberries to a saucepan along with some organic sugar and lemon juice and simmer it for 10 minutes Meanwhile make a slurry using cornstarch and water, which will make the sauce sticky and thick finally add in the halved strawberries and gently toss them to coat in the sauce

Once the cheesecake has been chilled for three or four hours, it's time to serve it with the strawberry sauce

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