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Instant Pot Lasagna Rolls-Ups Recipe



Hey everyone, welcome back to six sister stuff today I'm making lasagna roll-ups in the instant pot So, I'm Kristen I am sister number two from six sister stuff and every single Monday I'm sharing a new instant pot recipe with you So if you're a beginner This is the perfect place to be and even if you're a little more advanced it gives you lots of ideas for recipes you can Make in your instant pot

So today I'm making lasagna Roll-ups – Now if you checked out my video from last Monday You can find it right there I Made ground beef- frozen ground beef in the instant pot and just cooked it straight from there So I'm actually using that ground beef in this recipe if you don't have any ground beef that's precooked You can push saute and actually cook the ground beef in your instant pot Alright, you guys let's head on to the kitchen and make these delicious Lasagna roll-ups from your instant pot So like I said earlier in my previous Monday post I posted on how to cook ground beef in the instant pot So I'm using this precooked ground beef you can go to the link in that little dot It will lead you to it So I am using oven ready lasagna noodles There's the noodles that you don't have to cook for the whole time or you can just put right into Lasagna and they will cook all the way through What I'm gonna do is going to break them in half so they will fit in your instant pot All right so now onto the instant pot I'm pouring 1 cup of water in the bottom of my instant pot and I am just going to layer my noodles on top of each other now notice how they literally are on top of each other and That's okay

The instant pot makes it so they won't stick too badly together now I took the whole package and broke it in half and I'm sticking it in Okay, so I'm gonna add more water So the lasagna noodles are pretty much all submerged in the water Okay, now it's time to put the lid on so make sure it's still tight and that your little knob is turned to sealing not Venting Okay So I'm gonna push my manual button then we're gonna go to two minutes That's all it has to cook for Now while that's cooking I'm gonna make my other stuff So go ahead and add your one pound of ground beef into a bowl next I'm just gonna add my favorite tomato sauce spaghetti sauce my marinara sauce, whatever you use in your lasagna This is a 24 ounce can of spaghetti sauce and I'm just gonna add about half of it in Okay, so then mix your meat and your sauce together, you can add other things like spices or onions Whatever your family likes in your lasagna, but I'm just sticking to the basics right now So next I'm gonna add ricotta cheese This is 32 ounces of ricotta cheese Now you can substitute Cottage cheese if you want to but I love ricotta cheese in my lasagna

On top of the ricotta cheese I'm gonna be adding mozzarella cheese and then if you want to add just a little bit I like to add of course Garlic salt you can I'll add normal salt and normal pepper just to give it a little bit more flavor and now you're just mixing Until it's well combined together Now once you're all done putting together your cheese mixture and your meat mixture your noodle should be about done so the "L" appears When it's done cooking and it starts counting up so I decided to do a quick release because I want my noodles out of there Now when all the pressure has been released go ahead and take the lid off and your noodles should be all the way done cooking So I just cleared off my counter and made sure It was really clean and I put my noodles just right on top of my counter with some tongs And I just pulled out five or six at a time So I'm just gonna show you one and how I quickly do it and then I'll show you the process for the rest so I just add about a Spoonful of meat and then a heaping spoonful of the cheese mixture now I roll it a specific way So the cheese mixture is the last thing that's rolled up So will actually stay together These are kind of like half lasagna rolls So you really only roll them just a little bit because you have the cheese mixture on the end It will stay together pretty well And then you're just going to put it into a 9 by 13 pan the seam side down Now just so you can get account I had 20 lasagna rolls in total now This is the leftover meat that I had just a little bit and the left over cheese just a little bit more So now I'm gonna take the rest of the spaghetti sauce and just dump it over my noodles and you just take a spoon and spread the sauce all around as even as you can on top of the noodles and Now it's time for the cheese I just like to add mozzarella cheese and you can add as little or as much as you want now I'm not gonna put it on thick so you can't see the sauce But I'm putting on enough that you can definitely still taste it now I preheated my oven to 350 degrees and I cooked it for about 10 minutes It's mostly just until the cheese melts because everything else is cooked in there now The one thing I love about these little lasagna rolls is that they are the perfect serving size So you just put on a plate you eat and you're good to go All right guys, if you haven't joined my instant pot recipes Facebook group I'll put a link in the description for you so you can join it there and thank you so much for joining me today on This instant pot Monday I will see you later on this week I'm having two videos going out on Wednesday and Friday

All right, guys I'll see you later Bye

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