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INSTANT POT PUMPKIN CURRY | vegan pumpkin curry



Looking for some fall comfort food? Well today I'm showing you how to make a vegan pumpkin chickpea curry in the Instant Pot hello long lost friends, I'm back!you might have noticed I've been MIA on YouTube for the last few months and that's because I've been working on a really exciting big project that I can't wait to share with you

But in the meantime I'm also really excited to get back into making some videos for you guys And since so many of you have asked for more Instant Pot recipes, here is one of my favorites – a vegan pumpkin chickpea curry And if you have suggestions or requests for future videos, definitely leave me a comment down below I read every single one of them I really appreciate them, and it's really inspiring to see your suggestions and your ideas

And if you like this video, please go ahead and hit that thumbs up button – it's always really appreciated when you do here are all the ingredients you'll need for this pumpkin chickpea curry I'm using a traditional sugar pumpkin, also known as a pie pumpkin it's one of those medium-sized pumpkins don't get the large ones – those are used for carving faces into on Halloween

they don't have much flavor don't use them but if you don't want to use a regular pumpkin, you could also use a different winter squash butternut squash would be great, so would kabocha squash – that is my personal favorite or red kuri squash which is also known as hokkaido pumpkin

cutting a pumpkin can be very tricky so be sure to use a sharp knife if the pumpkin is still too hard to stab with a knifethat sounded scarier than I intended

then just pop the pumpkin in the microwave for two minutes to soften it up a bit once it's sliced, scoop out all the seeds and that sticky gunk if you're trying to reduce food waste, which is always a good idea, hold on to the seeds and roast them in the oven

to easily peel the pumpkin, cut each half into large wedges and then use a vegetable peeler chop each wedge into large pieces and since this is a pumpkin chickpea curry, I'm also using chickpeas I'm using the whole dried chickpeas instead of the canned variety for a few reasons one, if you eat a lot of beans, you probably fart a lot

that's just a fact, that's not really relevant to this recipe but if you do eat a lot of beans you're gonna save money over the long run if you opt for the whole dried variety instead of the canned one so, money saving tip and number two is that with the Instant Pot, you're gonna have a better texture with the chickpeas and they're not gonna really fall apart if you use the whole dried version instead of a canned version which is already cooked you do need to soak the whole dried chickpeas for about eight hours or overnight to soften them up, so that means you only need to cook them in the Instant Pot for 10 minutes instead of like 40 minutes

But if you do forget to soak the chickpeas, which is something I often do, do not worry – you're not totally out of luck there are two different ways to do a quick soak of chickpeas and I've included instructions in the description box below I always start any kind of curry by sauteing aromatics in oil this step is really important because it unlocks certain flavor compounds in the ingredients that might otherwise not be released, so be sure to not skip this step this is a Thai-inspired curry so the aromatics I'm using are scallions or green onions, garlic and ginger and Thai chili peppers

if you're sensitive to spicy food, omit the chili peppers because there's already some heat in the curry paste I'm using unrefined coconut oil as my choice of oil because I love that coconutty taste in curries, but if you want a neutral flavor, use a refined coconut oil or another neutral flavored oil of your choice the aromatics just need about 90 seconds or two minutes to get golden and fragrant next you'll add the curry paste I'm using red curry paste and you can find bottled or jarred curry paste in most grocery stores in the "ethnic aisle" of the grocery store also known as "the most delicious aisle" of the grocery store

the two brands for curry paste I recommend our Thai Kitchen and Thai Taste I've dropped a link to both in the description box below they're both vegan and made with simple clean ingredients – no added sugars you'll saute the curry paste for just 30 to 45 seconds until it's really aromatic and smells amazing After the curry paste, just dump in the remaining ingredients into the Instant Pot – the peeled and chopped pumpkin, the soaked chickpeas along with lots of canned lite coconut milk

the reason I'm using "lite" coconut milk instead of the full-fat variety is because I'm using two whole cans of this stuff it's the only liquid in there and two whole cans of full fat coconut milk would feel pretty heavy I'm sure it would be really delicious and super decadent, but it's still really good with two cans of "lite" coconut milk without being overwhelming I'm also adding some tamari, which is gluten free soy sauce and this is what's going to give it saltiness and umami flavors I am using a reduced sodium version that helps me control the sodium a little more

if you do use a normal version or if you use soy sauce, which tends to be a tiny bit saltier than tamari, be sure to adjust accordingly to your taste finally I add a bit of coconut sugar a good Thai curry is well-balanced in flavors and the sweetness really balances out the spiciness of the curry and the earthiness of the pumpkin then you'll hit the Cancel button and seal the Instant Pot lid make sure the pressure release knob is set to Sealing, not Venting

then you're going to select the Pressure Cook setting, then set the timer to ten minutes, once the timer is done allow the pressure to release naturally for ten to fifteen minutes open the pot and give the curry a stir at this point I usually add some fresh cilantro leaves and some lime juice, which both really brighten up the flavors and add some freshness the lime juice helps balance the saltiness, sweetness, and spiciness of the curry, but I ran out of limes when I made this video so that's why I'm not adding it here but I do recommend you do that at home I hope you enjoyed this recipe for an Instant Pot vegan pumpkin chickpea curry

if you did don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you haven't already and I will see you in the next video

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