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Alright, so today we're gonna make soda bread! Because I am tired of trying to use yeast to make bread and I really love bread I love bread

I love bread He loves bread I love bread He loves bread So we're gonna make soda bread today AND this soda bread is going to have pickled jalapeño peppers from La Morena

So excited Okay! Well we should start this The first ingredient you need to make your buttermilk because you have to have your non-dairy milk, which is a soy milk that I have here

Which is about a cup One cup milk! One cup of soy milk! And then you have to add vinegar because the baking soda in the vinegar is basically what's gonna make this rise instead of yeast

Wait! Vegan buttermilk is just vegan milk and vinegar? Yeah and then you let it sit for a minute And then you swiss-kit! Swiksing Swisking

Vegan buttermilk slurrrp! Ewww Now you let that set aside so that the two things can kind of mix together Yeah! You should do that! So we wanna do 3 cups of flow-zure! And don't pack it You don't pack flour Okay, OH, that's not full though

Yeah but it's higher on that side so it evens out OKAY!! ONE!! Swisking!! Oh wait that's not even full at all! Oh my Gaaaah! Can you please!! At least fill it! Yeah you don't pack it but It's still not full but all accept this

Oh my gosh! Swisking! Two Don't let me down this time Just do it right! Three! That's good It's a little heaping But it makes up for the losses of the last ones It does! Let's turn up the heat Why? Oh on the oven Let's turn on the oven

Put on that oven! Put on that oven! Turn up that oven temperature!!! Like up here!! Degrees are going to be uh FOUR TWENTY FIVE Uh four, uh twenty and uh five I add a little bit of wholewheat so that it adds a flavor I LIKE FLAVOR!!! So 3/4 cup are going to be 1/4 of a cup three times! Yeah! Flour, that's a little heaping ONE

We'll just pretend it's not TWO Twoooooooo More Three 1/4's Three 1/4's makes 3/4's math! Two tablespoons of sugar

Two of these large tablespoons of sugar Can you give me some sugar while you put in the sugar? (excited noise) heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! SMOOCH! Sifting! You don't need to sift sugar I do cause it's fun! I'll just like the sifter, the sifter's really fun! Know what I mean? Look how much fun I'm having with this Oh my god! STOP IT It's a tennis racket

Alright! Um, enough PCH! Enough!! PCH! ENOUGH!!! PCH! ENOUGH! PCH! Ok, that was cool I like TENNIS WHISK Ten-whisk Ten-whisk!! You're playing ten-whisk

Two teaspoons of baking soda, in it whisk it now Two teaspoons, tea two spoons tea two, tea two, tea tea two! So good at that! Look how could you, oh look how even! I need to take lessons about measuring Oh!! Thank you I got really distracted with the baking soda got in the air and then my tongue got really gross Baking Sod-air!! One teaspoon cream of TAR-TAR UMN! Get that cream of tartar! Where's that creamy tart? Oh, I didn't even get it out Got it I got it!! Agh! I'll give you the lid You're gonna have to wash that

Can I do something? GOD!! You wanna do that one? You get all the flour and you did it all strange Did it all strange Brrrrrrrowp

Plbp, dlop Blap blap blap! Blap blap blap! And now we put in one and a half teaspoons of the kosher salt One and a half there you go Not working OH! Put it in Thank you! But I like to just mix up the flours with the whisk Evenly distributed! Evenly distributed! Evenly distributed! Evenly distributed! SOOOOooooooooo Now we got four tablespoons of butter Plop it in there And now we're gonna just mix it in with our fingers So that it kind of comes out to looking like coarse sandy

Like but slightly wet but you know like when you step on the sand it has that top layer of flat sand and it kind of makes that crumbly crackly thing? Yeah! It's like that! Like the beach! Yeah like the beach We're going to the beach! In a bowl! This is how you go to the beach in quarantine! This is how you go to the beach in quarantee-yee-yeen! This is how you

Go to the beach in quarantine! Get it in Mix it! Are you getting all the little edges of powder I AM TRYING!! If you don't calm down I'ma send you to your room

which is also my room, cause we're married and I'll see you later! I'm gonna start prepping the mixture that goes inside! (high pitch) Where does it go? Inside!! (high pitch) I've never heard of that place Bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread!! That kind of sounds like the scary sound Wee! Wee! Wee! Wee! Bread! Bread! Bread! Bread! Okay, alright I think this is as good as it's gonna get Ooooo, I think we're done with that I think we're done

I think that's over Yeah you're good Good job You're done Chip chop, chip chop, chop it up

Chip chip chop, chip chip chop chip chop it up We got these pickled carrots and jalapeño's all chopped up And then we're gonna put that in the dry ingredients Let's just mix those in real quick gets chopped up ingredients nice and this feels great you did a really good job mixing inthis feel so goodthis feels so good This feels really nice! Oh my god and it smells like butter!! We just need the canola spray You want a little spritz of canola spray on your neck I love that smell You really did it! I just

He really did it Just a little I just love it Ewwwww (Sniff) Yeah!! I need a little flour on the surface Right ready? (whistling) We're gonna pour the buttermilk which we made earlier into the dry ingredients Wow! Before we do that, I have a really important question What? Does my hair look okay? It looks amazing BUT there is flour in it and on your eyebrow Get rid of it

It's cute! I think I just hit your forehead, I'm sorry Yeah, first he sprays canola oil on my neck and he slaps my head! Canola oil (whispered softly) Well but I'm just slightly mixing this together it's happening, it's happening Don't wanna over mix Here we gotta knead itseven, eight, nine, ten Now I form it into a ball

Yeah! And then you want to flatten it out to about an inch Do it! Score it! Okay now we get it into here AND let's put in the oven! It's in the oven! So the last part of this is it's 35 to 45 minutes in the oven (WASH YOUR HANDS PEOPLE! COME ON!) So the bread is out of the oven! The bread is out of the oven!!!!! There's more Take some melted vegan butter

Uh-huh! Add a little bit of Tagine, cause I like it! And then you brush it on your baked situation Brush it, brush it! Brush it, brush it, brush it, brush it! Oooooo! I think you need to show this to the people while it's still in the cast-iron I'm excited!!! Look at this brea-dah!! Look at it steam! You know what's also nice? What? Getting to EAT IT!! YEEAHH! Eat this one

So crusty! MMmmmmm! Oh that's really good Mmm, I taste the the jalapeño's

Mmm, the jalapeño comes through This is A VICTORY!! Eeeeeee! Ahhhhh!! What kind of ingredients would you add to your soda bread? We wanna know! Put it in the comments below! Yeah!

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New Cookery Recipes
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