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What are we making Joshua? hi James! Hi Jochewee! Don't you say "hi" before you just ask what we're making, so rude! We're gonna make one of my favorite dishes A dish called Matzo Brei

Brei basically just means fried Brei means fry? French Bries Which means French fries right? French brei, would be in French fry, in Yiddish So if you mix up French and Yiddish it's Friddish? Or is it Yench? Yench! That sounds like a Yiddish word He's a real Yench

Sounds like Mench So Matzo Brei is fried Matzo And it's not just for the Jews You know it's for everyone to love and enjoy It's for you's toos! It's for you's and the Jews

Yeah! We're just gonna dive in We've got a box'uh matzo Box'uh matzo? Box'uh matzo! Gimme dat Would you open that? Success! Wow you're so talented Here comes

Matzo!! So matzo is basically just water and flour usually Should I have not taken one out You should have taken one out Let's do four pieces Ha ha ha! We're gonna run them under water just for a few seconds

Really? Yeah! Showering the Matzo! All right you don't want to do it too long cause then they'll fall apart and turn to mush – do it for like ten seconds And then it's like french toast after this Mmmkay We have some Just Egg which is a vegan egg made from mung bean Yum'ng Bean! Yum'ng? Yum'ng Bean! That sounds like a bean that hasn't grown up yet

It's a really young bean That's a Yum'ng bean Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum'ng Bean! We've got a wide dish with vegan egg I'm gonna put some ground pepper in there I'm gonna put a little bit of nutritional yeast

Meowrp Just a sprinkle A little bit of garlic powder you want to do that? Okay, next step! Ooooweeeeeee! This is my favorite thing in the kitchen! Swiss'kit Swiss'king That's good! What am I gonna do with this visk? Done! Heat up a skillet

Medium heat Medium! Hi! Hi! (off camera) Now we're in the kitchen Yumzy! Yumzy! I'm always yumzy! Break the matzahs, in half and then in half again So I'm gonna break it in half long ways and now you want to break it in half this way You did it! This is the perfect matzah brei size! Matzo Brei size? Matzo Brei size

Matzo Brei size? Like a Matzo Bra? Matzo Bra Size THIS IS MATZO BRA SIZE!!! Ok Coat one of these in the egg

Beeoop Beeoop Now stick it right on there Woosh Beeop

Beeop and swooosh This is the fun part where you get to cover the matzah in the vegan egg DUNK! What was that? DUUUNK!! People need an emotional quality to how one would dunk to know how dunked it is Oh so if you're dunking deep it's like DUUUNK DUNK! But if it's a little light dunk, it's like

dunk Yeah dunk Dunk

This is a DUUUUNK!! Rrrruuuhhhh RUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh UH!! All right these are looking good It smells marvelous Smells-valous? (Incoherent noises) Matzo is about

You know the story of matzo Hebrew people, the Israelites left Egypt in such a hast they didn't have time for their bread to rise So they strapped dough on their back and baked it in the sun as they walked through the desert

You knew that story? Every word! I like this one pretty Okay, now move this back in front of the people Where they can see it so now we're gonna decorate, garnish Garnish Gaaaaaaaarnish! I'm gonna drizzle some vegan sour cream

Wooooooooooop Horseradish Horseradish Horseradish! Horseradish! Very specific measurement You want to take edge of a fork

Edge of a fork measurement? Yeah here Oh, got it on my shirt! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! While I clean up!! I'm putting the horseradish on top of the sour cream For the finale, some fresh dill And there we have the savory matzo brei! Look at this matzo brei with sour cream and horseradish and dill Ha ha ha ha ha! Next one? You're making sweet breakfast matzo breakfast

Was I supposed to start Yeah do it Booooooooooop Boop Boop Boop Boop Boop Boop Boop Boop Boop More? Yeah? Yum yum yum

Yum yum yum yum yum Okay! Yeah That's good We did it Raspberry jam

Alright let's get some cheese! So we're cutting off some RIND cheese to put with the jam You're gonna top off raspberry jam and vegan cheese with maple syrup you are MAAAAAPLLLEEE SYYYRPLLLLLLEEEE!

going over the top I wanna show it to the people Look at that matzo brei

Should we eat it? Let's eat it! Ommmm It's so good! Hmm, that's really good I love the jam The cheese really as a note afterwards Like cheeeeeeeeeesee

That's the cheese note? Like a full chord CHEEEEEEEEESE Cheese cheese cheese cheese Let's switch and try each other's Switch and try

This is perfect! That's awesome There are no words Mmm So good ! What would you put on your matzo brei? We want to know! yeah

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New Cookery Recipes
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