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Jamie Oliver’s stir-frying tips


[UltraVid id=270 ]right let me get your head round doing brilliant stir-fried stir fries are fantastic they’re quick they’re exciting they’re tasty and absolutely a perfect 20-minute meal now there’s loads of different recipes that we’ve got and we’re going to add to the application as time goes on but I want to get your head around some of the critical points because I’ve seen loads of people do it and you wouldn’t believe what some people do so first and foremost you want to get it gassed up on full whack and you want to get the wok hot hot hot when it comes to the wok you want to get a good quality one ideally round sided thick bottoms and obviously got that curve so that you can toss the food inside it you know different recipes kind of vary but generally a stir-fry is about assembly getting things sliced up chopped up and bits kind of ready like I’m kind of sitting here now and then the cooking starts and you can do a bit extra then but really when you’re cooking you’re normally cooking so first and foremost I normally use olive oil with most of my cooking we’re not going to do that today olive oil would burn at the temperature that I’m going to stir-fry it so I would normally use vegetable oil or a ground nut oil here and these can get to much higher temperatures so walk hot a little oil in your pan go straight in with your meat obviously different recipes vary you can see it’s cooking straight away you see it sizzling you can go straight in with your carrot onions garlic goes in but in essence what happens here is very quick very immediate and this stir-fry will be ready in about literally two two-and-a-half three minutes depending on how hot your pan is now what I want to kind of sort of reassure really is that you should only ever do a stir-fry for a maximum of two portions at a time if you try and put four or six portions of food into your wok it’s not going to stir-fry it won’t color it’ll sort of steam and boil and that will make the meat go tough and that it just won’t taste stir-fried when it comes to stir frying the reason you want that round wok is so you can get good at toss in the food like that if you don’t feel confident at doing this there’s nothing wrong with using a spoon and just sort of move it around and agitate it and you’ll get pretty much the same effect some of the basic real good tips and hints on stir Fry’s is a good quality wok get it really really hot get most of your vegetables and bits and pieces assembled beforehand and ready to go and then when it comes to cooking you want to really try and agitate the food by either tossing quickly or using a spoon to really move it around nice and quick stir frying is really fresh energetic tasty food follow some of those tips and you’ll be knocking out some great stir fries good luck

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