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jana’s cooking!: ep 41~ TAMIL EASY UKARA RECIPE! (+english subs)



welcoming you to jana´s cooking is my greatest joy today we will be making a dessert or sweet, so let´s see the ingredients we will need the name of the recipe is ukara the simple and easy way of making it easy ukara let´s see how to make it! ok onto the ingredients semolina about 100 grams of semolina that i have cooked already with ghee next moong dhal, 50 grams of it also cooked and steamed as well then sugar 300 grams of white sugar shredded coconut a small bowl, or in this case a small lid 3 pieces of cardamom which i crushed then cashews, about 10-20 of them which i have cooked well in oil next ghee, 100 grams of it, okay let´s go on to the recipe we have to cook the semolina first so we need water this is 100 grams we need 300 grams of water, so i just put in the 100, 200 more a good ratio to the semolina we already steamed the moong dhal so we don´t need more water if you still have a bit more water you can still add it in it´s fine so the water is in the pot now, we can start cooking the pot is on the stove now, the water is starting to boil as the water boils, we can add the semolina little by little and then stir well, before doing anything else we should let the semolina cook well and then we can add the rest the semolina has cooked well, once it thickens a bit more, we can add the moong dhal next we don´t need any other powders or spices, it is good when natural now add in the moong dhal and again stir well and then let it cook for awhile since we already cooked the semolina with ghee it won´t form lumps it will also smell nicer and of course, taste really good so when making desserts like this make sure to cook with ghee they have cooked well together now at this time- we can add in the sugar we set aside the sugar should dissolve and then we can add the coconut after adding the sugar, i stirred it well of course, after adding sugar you get this consistency don´t worry too much about that next it will thicken as it cools, add in the coconut and of course stir well again

the moong dhal the coconut the ghee, all of that when combined is just amazing together it´s a very interesting taste but really good it has come together well and the coconut did not have to be cooked beforehand you can just put it in raw it will still be good especially on days with special events it will be the perfect dessert we can add the cardamom and then mix it well and next add ghee i have 100 grams of ghee set aside just add it based on your preferences if you want more add more or you don´t have to add as much stir well again the ghee should combine well with everything and then add in the cashews, all of it has combined well i have some leftover ghee to add in which i will mix in this will make it less thick and nice to eat- the ukara is ready! after time has passed a bit and it cools, it will be better so the amazing ukara is ready! if you do end up making the recipe post your comments down below we will meet again in the next video! thank you!

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New Cookery Recipes
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