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Jangiri sweet recipe in Tamil | Jangri | Sudha Balaji recipes



Let us make jangiri for Deepavali first take one cup urad dhal urad dhal one cup it should soak for two hours then we should wet grind into a soft batter I will show how to grind we should add little water and grind into a thick batter wash urad dhal twice add a few grains of rice with urad dhal and soak in water let is soak for 2 hours let us grind urad dhal , we should carefully add water , too much water should not be added the batter should float on water , then we can be sure that the consistency is perfect add little food colour ( kesari powder ) let us mix it well and make sugar syurp I have added little food colour, you can add more also according to your requirement if you want to avoid food colour, add saffron to water , mix well and add the water alone let us make sugar syurp for one cup urad dhal , one and half cups sugar one cup water add both let it boil for 5 to 7 minutes there is no consistency for this syrup add food colour to sugar syurp we can add cardamom powder or vanilla essence switch off the stove sugar syrup boiled for 7 minutes I have switched off the stove to the syrup I add lemon juice ( little ) this ensures that the syrup does not crystallise next we have fry jangiris usually we fry in a flat plate add oil and heat heat oil this cloth is for making jangiris this was given to me by my mother for my wedding gift ! my mother was an expert in making jangiris if you do not have this you can use piping bag or we can use ziploc cover to move jangiris have a thin rod like this my mother used a thin rod from umbrella ! we do not get it now easily, so I am using this transfer to sugar syrup , let is soak for 5 minutes Please try

My Deepavali wishes to all

Source: Youtube

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