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Japanese curry – How to cook from scratch (and the easy method)



Hello everyone I'm KP Kwan from tsteasianfood

com In this video I wanna show you how to prepare the Japanese-style curry I've explained how to prepare curry in other videos but the Japanese curry is different It is not that spicy and on top of that, it involves a number of very unique ingredients: tonkatsu sauce, ketchup and apple! Let's take a look how to do it You can get the recipe in the description right below the video and more information by following the link to the blog post

Slice the onions The onions should be cut into thin slices so that they can caramelize quickly One of the most important aspect of making Japanese curry is too saute onion until they are caramelized, which will take about 15 minutes When the onions start to caramelize, keep stirring to avoid from getting burned Once it is done, remove and set aside

Cut the carrot into bite-size wedges Cut the potato to bite-sized pieces too Chicken, beef, pork are all suitable for cooking Japanese curry I'm using chicken thigh meat in this recipe You can always substitute it with chicken breast meat

I prefer to marinate the chicken with some salt, although this is not a typical way in preparing Japanese curry I find that marinate the meat can enhance the flavor substantially Since the meat is in bite-sized, marinade for half and hour should be enough Next pan fry the chicken with a little bit of oil Pan fry the chicken until it turns slightly brown

It will add another layer of flavor which do not happen if you just simmer the chicken alone Put the caramelized onion into the wok, carrot, potato, and water Wait for a while until it starts boiling Let's prepare three very special ingredients for Japanese curry The first one, apple

This is the Fuji apple, peel of the skin and shred the apple by using a grater Add the apple to the curry And a tablespoon of ketchup If you don't have ketchup substitute with a tomato puree or tomato paste One and a half tablespoon of tonkatsu sauce, okay

After 15 minutes ,add the chicken After you add the chicken, simmer for another 15 minutes Then, we will move on to add the roux to thicken the curry If you use beef, you have to simmer longer until the beef is tender We can proceed to cook the curry by using two different ways

I will divide this curry into two pots, and I'll show you both ways to prepare the curry by using the store-bought curry cubes (Japanese curry cubes) which contains the roux to thicken the curry and also the curry powder Put this into the pot of curry Put the curry cubes into the curry, it looks like this Break it up and let it simmers for a few minutes until the curry cubes is fully dissolved Since we have marinated the chicken and curry cubes also contain some salt, so it is better to do a taste test at this point of time

The saltiness is already enough and I will just leave it this way So now I will proceed to the second method to show you how to do it without using the store-bought curry cubes The second method, is to prepare the roux from scratch So here we have some butter, about 30 grams and I want to add an equal amount of flour into the butter, so it is also about 30 grams, just like making brown sauce Combine the butter and the flour in the pan over low heat slowly, until it turns color

It may take 10 to 15 minutes Keep stirring over low heat and you will notice the color gradually change to brown It may take about 10 to 15 minutes Be patient and do not use high heat as butter can burn easily Once you get the desirable color ,then we'll add the curry powder to it

This is the Japanese curry powder If you can't find it you can substitute with garam masala from the Indian shop Add about 2 tablespoon of this to the roux to form a paste You can add a little bit more if you want it to become more spicy Mix it well

Now it resembles the texture of the curry cubes that you can get it from the supermarket Look at it Keep the curry powder over low heat for another minutes to bring out the flavor Transfer the roux to the curry and mix well I also like to add a little bit of chili powder as I like hot and spicy

Also a tablespoon of sugar After simmering for another few minutes, certainly we do a taste test Hmm it is not salty enough! So I add some extra salt and I' am gonna add a little bit more of curry powder to enhance the flavor Now let's try again, that's perfect! We add the frozen peas, bring it to a boil and then serve This is how I prepare the Japanese curry

I hope you enjoyed watching this video and don't forget to follow this channel by clicking the subscription button And I'll see you in the next video Bye for now

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