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Welcome to Valsala's kitchen Today's recipe is ghee Jalebi I am going to prepare Ghee Jalebi

I shall now tell the ingredients Urad Dal 250 ml (1 cup) Sugar 500ml So 1:2 ratio ( 1 cup Urad dal & 2 cup sugar) I have taken 2 tablespoon raw rice powder Essence and food color Since we are preparing ghee jalebi We are frying Jalebi in ghee Now we have covered the ingredients Here we are considering 1:2 ratio

One Cup urad dal with 2 cup sugar That's the ratio used here Urad dal can be soaked in water for 2 hours and then can be grind using a mixer urad dal is sokaed in water for 2 hours Now we can use the mixer to grind

I have drained the water and now added to the mixer Drained water completely Lets start grinding now by adding some water I have now added 1/2 glass water This is the condition after adding 1/2 glass water

Now we can add one spoon water and grind again Looks like more water is required Lets add one Two spoon of water In total I have added 3 teaspoon of water

now Shall add another 2 teaspoon of water If we add water all at once, we may endup with watery batter This is the current consistency Grinding is almost done May be another one grinding will make batter to the required consistency This is the consistancy we are look at

The batter must be soft like this Initially i have taken one glass of water to grind, now 3/4th of water is consumed while preparing the batter You have noticed that care was given while adding water

This is the correct consistency of the batter Thats why i have detailed the grinding process in this video So as to get correct consistancy Adding Jalebi powder Next we can add rice powder

Jalebi batter is ready Using same cup to measure sugar Adding 2 cup sugar Adding 2 cup sugar Adding 3/4 cup of water to soak Sugar syrup is kept in the gas stove

Let this get dissolved I have kept this at high flame Lets keep at high flame till sugar syrup is prepared To add to the sugar syrup , I am extracting juice from lime Sugar syrup is getting ready

Lest check the consistancy It must neither be too thick nor be too loose Syrup must be stick just as you can see Add lime juice to the sugarsyrup To this syrup adding 1 teaspoon essence Sugar syrup is ready We can turn off the stove

Use the zip-lock cover and shape it using a glass This is an easy method to add batter to the zip-lock cover Lets add the batter use a rubber bad to seal the cover we need to make a small hole on this end

I have added ghee to a pan Ghee is now hot and melted Now a tip for easy preparation if you use this and then create jalebi, we can easily get perfect shape Just immerse and then add batter to create jalebi

Lets see how to do that First make 1 or 2 circles like this After that start adding small rounds like this I am keeping the scoop just above the frying ghee This will help us to create Jalebi shape easily

This is a very useful tip Generally we don't make Jalebi at home is because, when we do at home it comes shapeless Try this and if Jalebi comes out well please share this recipe among your friends We need to fry boot sides equally If Jalebi is not fried properly, we will get raw urad dal tastae

Here i have fried each Jalebi for approximately 2 minuts Once fried, we must add this to sugar syrup Keep it in sugar syrup for around 5 minutes I am doing my next Jalebi As i said earlier, keep the scoop just above frying ghee

Then start creating small circles , covering the initial main circle We are using Zip-lock cover right Here care must be given while cutting the hole The Jalebi thickness is based on the hole size So take care while cutting the hole

I have added lime juice to sugar syrup to prevent syrup from thickening Repeating the same process Keep frying for around 2 minutes Then dip in sugar syrup for 5 minutes If you like to get crispy jelabi , move the Jalebi from syrup after 5 minutes If you prefer soft jalebi, keep it in the syrup for more duriation

This is ready, we can add this to the sugar syrup I showing this repeatedly , since this is the most difficult step in our preparation Keep the scoop just above the frying ghee and then create the shape If non stick scoop is unavailable you can use steel scoop as well However i prefer non stick scoop for easiness While preparing the batter, you might have noticed i detailed the process

This is to avoid making the mistake to adding excess water Then we wont get the required consistency for the batter And wont get good Jalebi like this We generally see Jalebi in red color I have used Jalebi powder (food color) here

But if anyone at home has food color allergy, please dont use color, instead you may use saffron May not get bright red color in that case Please remember to keep the scoop just above the frying ghee Make 1 -2 main circles Then start extending the small circles over the main circles

If you follow this, you will get perfect shape I have added Vanilla essence here If you don't like Vanilla flavor You can use cardamom powder instead i would suggest to have Jalebi not on the same day of preparation

After preparation leave it for one day as a setting time It would be more tasty next day I think you all liked Ghee Jalebi preparation Preparation is complete We got around 30 Jalebi's with Urad dal 1 cup (250ml) Just try this method We generally dont prepare Jalebi at home because of its difficulty

Please try this method If you like this video, please share your feedback Please subscribe my channel Please share this video to your friends I have tried to add maximum details that i know about preparing Jalebi Pleas try this recipe at home

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