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Subscribe to My Channel and Press the Bell Icon for all the latest updates Namaste! Welcome to Cooking With Shalini Today we will make Taro (Kachalu) Pickle INGREDIENTS USED ARE Lets start making it to make this Pickle we are using round Taro (Kachalu) we will boil them firstsame way as we do for potatoes It takes more time to boil then potatoes after boiling them nicelytake out check it with knifeif they are boiled nicely or not after boiling themnow peel all the Taro (Kachalu) we will now cut themtake a big size plate to make your pickle cut them in round shape after cutting them we will now add Salt i have added 2 spoons of salt we took 2 spoons of Fenugreek seeds and 3 spoons of fennel seeds and crushed them in a mixer add these crushed spices

3 Spoon add 1/3rd spoon red chili powder add Red Chili Flakes 1 spoon 1 spoon of turmeric powder now we will add Mustard Seedsbut first we will grind them and make it in powder form add 2 spoons of powdered mustard seeds now we will add mustard oil but we will not burn it

add simply from bottleas shown mix it with hands mix it properly add half spoon of salt and again give it a good ix we added 2 and half spoon of salt in total Pickle is ready now Shift it in jar don't shift it in plastic jar keep it in sunlight and shake it everyday so it mixes well you can add more oil if needed after 5-6 days you can enjoy this Pickle It will be ready after 5 to 6 days So, do make this Pickle at your home and do share your comments and do like, share and subscribe for more recipes Thank You

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