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Kadhai Gosht Recipe ll Kadhai Mutton ll by Cooking with Benazir ll with English Subtitles



Let us Marinate the mutton first we will mix well and marinate for an hour and store in the fridge

If you have more time in hand you can keep it to marinate for 2 to 3 Hours in a fridge It will taste better if kept for 2 to 3 hours we will cover it and store in fridge for an hour Till the mutton marinates Let us prepare the masala for Kadhai mutton We will dry roast these spices

Then we will make a powder of them Please note we need to make a coarse powder, not a fine powder We have dry roasted the spices on a low flame for a minute Put off the flame now Let us make the powder of these spices now

The mutton has been marinated well We have taken a pressure cooker and we will add We are using one cup oil here you can use ghee also if you want

We will fry these spices for half a minute Now we will add the marinated mutton keep the flame on high and nicely fry the mutton we need to keep on stirring and frying We have fried the mutton nicely for about 10 to 12 minutes we have used one cup oil here because in Kadhai mutton the amount of oil used is a little generous Peel the tomatoes before cutting this will enhance the texture of the gravy

and the tomatoes cook faster They can be peeled off easily just like we peel potatoes we have kept the flame on high mix well we will not add any water at this point we will pressure cook till the mutton becomes tender

We will cook on a high flame Later we will lower the flame and cook for ten minutes till the mutton becomes tender let us check the mutton now i can smell the tempting aroma all our ingredients have blended well Let us check the mutton for its tenderness

Mutton is nice and tender we will transfer it to another vessel now we have transferred it to a wok We will cook nicely on a high flame we will keep on stirring and cooking till the onions cook well keep the flame on high

The gravy is well cooked now Till now we cooked on a high flame now we will lower the flame completely Make sure the flame is low while addig the curd keep stirring while you add the curd we have taken 500 gms mutton so we will add only 2 tbsp masala The masala we prepared in the beginning is enough for one kg of mutton

we have used just about half the amount here and the remaining half we have stored for later use some other time mix well now we will lower the flame and cover it cook for 4 to 5 minutes till the curd blends well Looks good now

The gravy is perfect Now we will add This is optional i have used it because it will add richness to the gravy and enhance the taste also slit the chillies Use only if you like spicy curry

mix well Cover and cook for three minutesIt will be ready by then

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