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Kadhai Kukkar | Punjabi Food Recipes | Amrit Kauchhur | Punjab 5



Sat Shri Akaal, I am Amrit Kauchhur Today I will teach you, how to cook Kadhai Kukkar (Kadhai Chicken) For that, we put Kadhai (deep frying Pan) on the stove top & turn it on First we put 75 ml of refined oil to the Kadhai To the heated oil add 1 spoon Jeera (Cumin seeds) Now put 2-3 dried red chillies Let that saute To this add finally chopped onions (because in Kadhai Chicken only chopped ingredients are used) Fry this mixture till the onions get sweat (Separately we blanched the tomatoes) (Blanching is immersing the tomato in boiling water, which helps loosen the skin easily before finally chopping the tomatoes) Do not overcook the onions as they will also be cooking along with the chicken To this we add finally chopped ginger & garlic Let this cook for a bit Add some salt to it, as it helps onions to cook faster Add chicken pieces to the mixture, we are using leg & chest You can use legs only, if you like Thighs & legs, if you want Adding chicken pieces to hot oil helps sealing in all the flavours & protein And juices remain intact Due to this the chicken will remain juicy As we are not cooking it in pressure cooker, so use tender chicken as we are cooking it under slow flame That's why the name is Kadhai Chicken To this we add blanched & finally chopped tomatoes Now we are going to add spices Red chilly powder (as per taste) Coriander powder Coriander thicken the gravy, as well as gives its flavour Garam masala powder Turmeric powder (not much turmeric otherwise color of the dish will become more yellowish) For color we add some tomato puree Add some water & cover the dish First put some ginger flakes And some sliced green chilli Added for flavour Now we will cover & cook it, till its tender So now the chicken has been cooking on medium heat for about 15 mins & now its time to see And I think its all done, its very well cooked And the masalas (spices) are mixed very well, the gravy is looking good So now we just have to garnish it With a little more garam masala Some green coriander And ginger flakes So we are going to put the gas off & turn it into a serving dish And sprinkle of a little garam masala And coriander The dish is ready to serve Happy eating

Source: Youtube

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