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Kaju Katli Recipe in Hindi | How to Make Kaju Katli at Home | Diwali Special Sweet



Hello and welcome to Rasoi Hamari Tumhari, Today we are going to talk about Kaju Katli For that we have 250 grams of Kaju Sugar150grams 6-7 Green Cardamom 1/4 Cup Water 1 tbsp Shuddha ghee first we have to make powder of cashew nuts for that in the mixer jar and grind it and make a fine powder After that we have to make sugar syrup for that heat and add sugar in it and add water and make a single string sugar syrup, once a sugar syrup is ready Add cashew nut powder in it and stir it for 4 to 5 minutes after 5 minutes at ghee and cardamom powder in it and cook for 2 minutes meanwhile a plate and transfer the mixture into it and let it cool down, To cool this mixture from this quick from spoon, And when it gets cold then grease your hands with sudh ghee knead like a dough and then keep it in butter paper & roll it with rolling pin after that and let it cool down for 2 to 3 hours I hope you like this recipe, try this recipe on this Diwali, If you like it please like, share and subscribe to this channel "Happy Diwali"

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