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Kalikanji dosai |Kalikanji dosa | kalikanji dosa recipe (My mother cooking, in 2020)



This used to be my mother's favorite dish of any fasting days like ekadasi Now I want to try it and share it with you all Ingredients Once you grind these two together with the required amount of salt, keep it aside and pour three glasses of water into the mixer and keep that aside Let us get started Submerge the raw rice in water for 5 hours and then grind it together with coconut Add salt I've kept the grinded batter aside Add 3 glasses of water into the mixer jar and another vessel in it We are going to make kanji with this water itself Heat the vessel until it gets thick and frothy in the water

Keep stirring, otherwise lumps may form It should look like this Pour 2 teaspoons gingelly oil around the dosa This type of dosa won't turn golden brown like the normal dosa This type of dosa tastes best with spicy chutneys (link in description) Submerge raw rice in water for 5 hours Grind that raw rice and coconut with the required amount of salt in a mixer jar This is the batter Pour 3 glasses of water into the mixer jar and transfer to another vessel Continuous stirring with boil this water until it turns thick and frothy Wait till it cools down and then pour the dosa as usual This is very simple, and so you should try it too!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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