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Kamado Joe – How to Cook a Prime Rib


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Have a look at this “Kamado Joe – How to Cook a Prime Rib” video below:

Since Prime Rib is a favorite of a lot of folks during the Christmas season, I decided to make a video showing you how easy it is to cook one on your Kamado Joe. These simple instructions should take any mystery out of the process and show you one of the easiest ways to put a perfectly seasoned and cooked prime rib on your dinner table!


Preseason your roast with a mix of salt, pepper and garlic. If you don’t have a…..(read more)


  1. I’m a newbie. My wife loves Au, Jus so is it possible to put a pan underneath to catch the drippings? If so, would it go on the heat deflectors or use the accessory rack? Would you put any stock inside the pan or would that just boil l?

  2. Followed this exactly other than I used my normal steak rub. Absolutely perfect. Family said it was the best cook on the KJ so far (after 5 years). Medium rare all the way through on a 3 bone rib roast.

  3. Thanks for telling us how long it took, a lot of your videos you forget that simple thing but it gives us a idea what to expect.

  4. John, Thank you. I need to cook in advance and freeze. How would you suggest to reheat it without drying it out?

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