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Karaly Sabzi-Vegetarian And Vegan Recipes Indian-Pyaz Karaly 2018



payaz karaly, vegetarian and vegan recipe in today's video i will tell you how to make onion and bitter gourd salsa it is very easy and quick dish Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook you can do it ! the best place for easy cooking

take 1 tbs oil and put gourd slices in it to fry on low flame i tell you the recipe but first hit the red subscribe button and the bell icon if you are new here cut the gourd in round slices, put 2 to 3 tbs salt and let it stay for 2 hours then wash it and squeez the water low flame frying reduces bitterness of the gourd while frying small pices get the solour sooner than others we will take out the fried pices to avoid burning keep stiring bring the large pieces in the center now see the remaining ingrediants heat 1 tbs oil and put onion in it fry it a bit until little pink i am add salt to speed up the cooking of onion salt help onions to get soft quickly add tomatos and green chilies add red chili powder add termeric powder stir for a while add fried bitter gourd mix will and cover let it simmer for 10 minutes on low flame yummy and gourgeous bitter gourd onion salsa is ready enjoy with chapatti or paratha and kachi lasi (milk, water and salt mixture) comment below and tell me your recipe of bitter gourd? and what are your must ingrediants subscribe to my channel for such detailed and easy recipes like this video and share to others click on the share button and share it on all the platforms

see you tomorrow with another recipe

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