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Hello Viewers Welcome to Vidhya's Cook Book Today we are going to make Spinach Kootu To make that we need Spinach (Keerai) We can take any types of spinach have to wash 3 times and you can drain it like this To grind we need Coconut 25 pieces of Red Chillies, 1 Tsp Coriander

50 Gram Toor Dal – Have kept it in water for 30 mins Salt, Turmeric Powder, Asafoetida depend upon your taste To fry Mustard Seeds Urad Dal and Cummin Seeds (1 Tsp each) Now we will lit the stove Add 2 Tea Spoon Gingelly Oil Add Spinach into it then we are adding Turmeric Powder then add Salt depends upon your taste then add water to boil spinach then we have to close the lid to boil it nicely meanwhile, we will grind the ingredients we said 25 Pieces Red Chillies Coriander Seeds Coconut Toor Dal will grind it you can see it has to be like this it has to be like paste now the spinach has boiled well at this stage we will add the paste we ground just now you can mix water and add it we can boil it until the raw smell goes off it has to be like this now once become like this you can turn off the stove now it's ready now we will add mustard seeds and add it we can add some oil Mustard Seeds Urad Dal Cummin Seeds once it started bursting we will add Asafoetida now we can add Asafoetida now we will add it in the Spinach Kootu Tasty Spinach Kootu is ready it will be good to eat with rice with ghee Thank You Viewers Like, Share, and Don't forget to Subscribe

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New Cookery Recipes
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