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Hello dear friends, welcome to delicious recipes cuisine Today I want to share the recipe with you Enjoy your meal with friends now Materials needed for discovery 1 Liter milk, 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 cup powdered almond, 1 piece of egg yolk, 1 pack of vanilla, 2 tablespoons of starch Half a tea cup of water to open the starch

Now let's start doing Let's take our milk in a pot 1 glass of powdered sugar 1 cup powdered almonds 1 packet of vanilla Let's bake 1 egg yolk and cook on medium heat with continuous stirring Let's mix it nicely before burning the furnace Mix the ingredients thoroughly Then let's cook continuously over medium heat Now we can open our quarry Let's cook continuously over medium heat Let's stop mixing until you get the consistency Then we add the starch we opened with water She started bubbling up, so we can add starch

We continue to cook for 5 minutes after adding our starch again Our curry came to the level we wanted You can put it in the bowls by closing the stove After a little cooling you can decorate the discovery on our net with the almonds We decorate a little bit of almonds to decorate Give me a more pleasant aroma I've got a little bit of oil in a hot pan Then let us decorate our discovery

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