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Keto Grilled Chicken Wings – Mama's Sugar Free BBQ Sauce



what's up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ what I'm doing today is I'm going to be making some grilled keto chicken wings now to cook these chicken wings were gonna marinate them season them up and some barbecue sauce and get him out on the smoker now a company by the name of mama Jean's reached out to me and wanted me to try some of their products now what really intrigued me was their line of keto barbecue sauces so this is pretty much all I thought I was going to get but they sent me a whole bunch of stuff and we'll be getting to that in future videos as far as this video what we're gonna do is we're gonna marinate it with their poultry marinade and it says a minimum of two hours we're gonna be able to go for about five or six hours on that we're gonna hit it with their seasoning and this is just a basic seasoning throw it on my grill I think I'm going to use my one of my pellet grills for this cook and then get it to the temperature doneness we want hit it with some barbecue sauce get it back out there to set it and I think these are gonna be awesome I will be leaving a link in the description where you can check out all the mama Jean's products I've only tasted a dab of each of these things and you know what tastes good to me but it's all going to be in the final product so first thing we're going to do is get our marinade in our chicken now I'm leaving these chicken wings whole I don't want to reach in here and grab one out and cross contaminate everything but these are whole chicken wings with the flat drum and tip on it you know let's go with the whole bottle I don't think it's gonna need the whole bottle but listen for those you guys don't know I just became a truck driver I'm about to hit the road again for about 45 days so I may not have a chance to get to this anytime soon after this all right so we got our wings in the marinade and you know what I'm not sure what the color is in this so I'm gonna that's too much or not too much yeah too much or something like that yeah first ingredient tumeric so you definitely get that yellow kind of a look from these wings they're gonna go in the refrigerator for five to six hours so you know originally I was planning on seasoning this chicken with this seasoning this marinade looks so good I mean I'm not even gonna use that a lot of times when you use a marinade you're not seeing a lot of the spices and everything left on the meat this looks will see it better when we're out on the grill but looks like that stuff really soaked up in there still got some seasoning on the outside so I don't think there's any reason to add any more got my Camp Chef pellet smoker fired up we're gonna get these on at a low temperature about 250 degrees let them sit on there for about 25 minutes let them get a little bit of smoke into them then we're going to pump it up get up in that 375 range to finish them off okay so we have our grill set at 225 degrees let's go ahead and get our chicken on thanks I'm gonna move them a little bit closer up front slit and keep a better eye on all right like I said I'm gonna let that go for about 25 minutes before we pump that tempo here we go after 25 minutes at 250 not quite the color I want yet so I'm gonna let him go for about another 15 20 minutes so here's we're looking like after cooking low and slow for about 35 minutes as you can see we've kind of got a little bit of a smoke color to it so at this point I'm gonna pump up the temperature on it I was thinking about going in the mid to high threes but I'm gonna keep it just at 300 degrees I'm gonna check on it in 10 minutes here's we're looking like at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes technically these wings are done I really like my wings rendered down I don't like a lot of fat on my chicken so I'm gonna let these go for about another 15 minutes we'll check them then I think they should be good at that point as I just checked these wings still not done quite as much as I like we're gonna flip them now and I will turn up the temperature we're at 300 now I want to turn up the temperature to let's see I will turn it up to 350 degrees and check back in ten minutes they should be done in ten minutes I'm looking for right here these got some good color on them I'm gonna pull these off I'll let them cool down once they're cooled down enough to handle we're gonna sauce them up and get them back on here and we're only gonna have a monitor about 250 degrees just enough to set the sauce let's get Softnet up like I said we're using mama Jean's keto barbecue sauce I'm gonna do a couple at a time just to make sure that they're coated evenly it looked like all sauced up half my grill turned down to about 225 degrees I'm gonna let these go for about 10 maybe 15 minutes pull them up and it should be a wrap good the sauce is sit but get these off the grill get them inside do a taste test see we think about that barbecue sauce and marinade but the hardest thing about this video was not cooking these wings marinating them all that stuff the hardest thing was getting that big noggin in this video screen which I'm not even sure if I even accomplished in this now one thing I could tell you about that sauce and you might think I'm lying but you ever taste a barbecue sauce that makes you want to figure out what's in it got my finger all up in there trying to figure out what the you know what the ingredients were this is some good stuff like I said links gonna be in the description go ahead and get into one of those you could pull this shrubbery over here as I have on that and then you could throw your bones in this bowl but I would have sweetness to it great flavor plus the chickens from nice and tender do you mention the sweetness he doesn't even know anything about this barbecue sauce this is a keto low-carb barbecue sauce I think the sweetness I read the ingredients were from stevia mm-hmm I'm telling you these right here the bomb listen where's that bottle dip mama Jean's hook this sauce right on up right here this is bond imma finish getting after these wings so you send me a little brisket rub I'm gonna try that tomorrow either on a brisket or some beef short ribs I'm not sure but hey I want to thank you guys for stopping by no hippie BBQ I appreciate it Best Grilled Chicken Wings low carb bbq sauce

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