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Hey guys, I'm Megan and I'm here at the Thrive Market Test Kitchen And today I'm gonna show you how to make a mushroom bolognese lasagna with cabbage leaves So it's keto and it's vegetarian; it's ketotarian! Before I get started on this recipe

Be sure to like, subscribe, comment Are you ketotarian? Do you have any recipes that you want to share with me? Anything that you've tried to make? I want to hear about it, and when you subscribe there will be a bell click on it and it alerts you whenever there's a new Prep School video Ok, let's get started on this recipe as you can see I've already prepped some things out Ooooh! Prep school comin atch

I have in this bowl my mirepoix Which is celery, onions, carrots and garlic I blitzed up in my food processor I didn't want to bother you with that because it's kind of boring to watch So that's already done; to the same food processor I'm going to add a pound and a half of mixed mushrooms

I have oysters, shiitake, and cremini mushrooms; and I quartered some of them, just to help the food processor along I don't want to add too many at a time because then the bottom turns into mush, and the top stay whole – so kind of do this in batches if you don't have a super powerful food processor, or it's small Great, this sauce really not only reminds me of a meat bolognese, but it looks like itkind of tastes like it You have the umami from the mushrooms You're not even gonna miss the meat Blend up this second batch Great okay

I have everything ready to start my sauce Let's go over the stove All right, let's start making this bolognese; and before you get up in arms my keto-friends, don't get mad about the carrots This serves like eight to ten people So it's it's not no carb, it's low carb There's only two carrots in there

So it's okay I'm thinking about you High-sided dutch oven, drizzle in some extra virgin olive oil My pans on about medium I'm gonna add my mirepoix

I'm gonna saute this down before I add my mushrooms Want to get some carmelization on this I want to season with salt and pepper because I want to season every step of the way This is riveting I'm gonna de-glaze the pan with some red wine, and it's Thrive Market red wine

Let's turn the heat down a little bit going to add a cup of whole milk Also adding a little nutmeg And then I want to cook this until almost all of the milk has absorbed into the vegetables, before I add any of my tomato I like that you don't have to eat meat, if you want to try the keto diet Ketotarian – look it up, it's a thing man

And even if you're not keto this is still a great vegetarian lasagna, and it's gluten-free She's bubbling She's speaking to me Alright, I'm gonna add a little more salt and pepper, and then I'm adding a 28-ounce can of crushed tomatoes Turn your heat down, so this doesn't splatter on you

I'm also adding two tablespoons of tomato paste, and I want to cook this for an hour and a half Like I said, it does want to splatter up, so put the lid half on not fully covered because you want it to evaporate You want it to cook down and thicken, it'll turn a deep red color Just keep an eye on it Stir it every; I don't know 15 minutes, you don't want it to burn on the bottom

On low heat I don't want to wait another hour and a half My sauce has cooked for an hour and a half; it's thickened, it's reduced It's bright red It smells so good

I cannot wait to get into this If you don't want to make a lasagna, you can just put this over some zucchini noodles Call it a day But I want to make it even better So let me tell you how to do this cabbage situation

This is a head of cabbage What I did is I removed the core and I have a large stock pot of water up to a boil I'm gonna carefully put this in the pot, carefully lower it in; and as it cooksboils, you'll be able to peel the leaves away and if they don't come off easily, use some tongs and just carefully peel them away My cabbage leaves are done So now it's time to assemble But before I assemble, let's make the ricotta mixture Ricotta, I'm from the Midwest

So we say ricotta Okay I have three cups *plop noise* ooooo *laughter* I'm gonna let that go

I was gonna let that sound go, you guys Whatever It makes weird noises That cheese that I can't pronounce, three cups of ricotta cheese Parmesan cheese, about a half of a cup

Two eggs Salt and pepper Mix this together Ricotta mixture is ready Let's make this lasagna 9 by 13

We're gonna start by putting some of the meat sauce! I called it meat sauce It's not, it's a mushroom sauce

That's how much it looks like meat sauce to me I'm going to put some of the mushroom sauce down first, just a little Doo-doo-doo making a lasagna for my ketotarian friends Smooth it out All right next layer, our cabbage leaves

And it doesn't have to be perfect Lay a couple pieces down, tuck some others in You just want to make sure it's fully covered So if you have like a smaller piece of cabbage You can tear it up

Tuck it in Doesn't need to be perfect This is a rustic dish Rustic cabbage lasagna Next more mushroom sauce and I want to split this up into thirds; because I'm gonna do three layers

But if your pan is small, maybe just do two Guess what's next? Cheese mixture Cheese-egg mixture Just I just do a couple plops, and then I spread it out It is a very specific technique

Next add some shredded mozzarella I did about four cups So you just need 1/3 of that, and then repeat Same process cabbage, sauce But on the last layer – actually on the last layer, it goes cabbage, cheese sauce, then mushroom sauce Because I want to see the mushroom sauce on top Last but not least, shredded mozzarella

I'm gonna pop this in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes So it gets nice and bubbly and gooey I don't want to pop it under the broiler, so it's golden brown on top So excited, I can barely stand it This looks amazing, I hope can we play some beautiful music and show how just gorgeous this looks

Mushroom bolognese lasagna with cabbage noodles for my ketotarian friends If you are gonna comment that this is a different pan, I know that, this is a swap Google it, okay We don't want to wait here all day for this to cook You want to let it rest for five to ten minutes before you cut it; because you don't want it to go everywhere

So just give it a sec to rest I really gotta get under this guy Let me help guide it; oh my gosh This may be the biggest slice of veggie lasagna I've ever seen, but whatever Oh my gosh! You can see the layers of cabbage – of cab-bage, and the mushroom sauce

Mm-hmm Cheesy Nicely umami flavor from the mushrooms I'm not missing any meat here I mean this has everything I want in a ketotarian lasagna, and not even just a keto lasagnain a regular lasagna I hope you make this I hope you give it a try If you do let me know like, comment, subscribe

If you have any ketotarian recipes that you like to make, let me know! And you can find all the products that I use At thrivemarketcom/prepschool Happy cooking Thanks for watching! I'm gonna show you how to make a mushroom Have a great recipe for you

Oh my god, what is going on?

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