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Keto Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie – also Vegan & Whole 30 Version | Keto Recipes



Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com When David and I attended university, we lived in the married student apartments, and in this building were couples from many different countries

It was an amazing experience for us because we became friends with people from different countries, and since most of us were poor students, for entertainment, we enjoyed house parties and get-togethers with our friends One thing our group of friends decided to do very early on was to share our favorite foods and recipes This resulted in having opportunities to taste authentic recipes from the various countries our friends came from Because I haven't done this before, I will be making several recipes from Vietnam and these will be featured over the next few weeks For the Vietnamese recipes, I'll be making, I would like to thank Nhan for introducing us to the culinary traditions of his country of origin, Vietnam

To start the first of the Vietnamese recipes I have converted into keto, I will begin with a treaty and extremely nutrient-dense keto Vietnamese avocado smoothie This isn't like a regular smoothie and you have to try it, to really appreciate it The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is six point seven to one, with nine point eight grams of total carbs, six point eight grams of dietary fiber, resulting in only three grams of net carbs I would like to explain that almost all the carbs come from the avocados, which incidentally also contribute to most of the dietary fiber This is a very easy recipe that will take you less than five minutes to prepare and make

To begin, I first make my substitute for the sweetened condensed milk used in the original recipe Start by getting a small, microwaveable bowl, and combine the heavy whipping cream and sweetener Or, if you want your smoothie to be vegan or whole 30, substitute the dairy cream with full fat coconut cream and then add the sweetener Mix the two ingredients together well and then microwave for 20 seconds Stop and stir again and repeat for one or two more 20 second intervals

You want to keep microwaving until the cream mixture is simmering, but be careful because you don't want it to boil Then remove from the microwave and stir continuously for about 1 minute while the mixture cools You do this to ensure that the sweetener doesn't separate from your cream Then set aside to cool as you do the next step Weigh your ripe avocado and cut it into rough cubes

Just a quick FYI: Make sure that your avocado is very ripe – at its peak This will give you the best taste But if your avocado is slightly firm, it won't be as sweet, So you may have to add a little bit more sweetener In any case, adjust the sweetness level to your taste Now let's get back to the directions and put the avocado cubes into the blender or food processor

Add lime or lemon juice, MCT oil Add the melted ghee, or coconut oil for the vegan or whole 30 version Add the crushed ice Add the almond milk Blend to a relatively smooth texture, about 20-30 seconds

Add the room-temperature sweetened cream or sweetened coconut cream into your blender, and then blend for another 10 seconds Now that you're done, as you see you will have this silky beautiful pale green smoothie Pour the smoothie into two serving dishes or glasses When I make this avocado smoothie, my average total is 540 grams or 19 ounces and each single serving has 270 grams or 9 and 3/4 ounces You'll find that each serving is very generous and filling

You can serve this as a refreshing dessert, But I often make this as a quick and delicious bulletproof breakfast smoothie This avocado smoothie is at its best if you serve it right away Enjoy! I Will be making more wonderful Vietnamese recipes in the very near future Thank you for watching this video Please turn on your notification bill and also tell your friends about this channel

See you next time The link for the printable recipe is available in the description below

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