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Kheer Recipe In Urdu Hindi-Sweet Recipes Easy At Home



rice pudding, in this video i will tell you the recipe of making rice pudding with exact measurement of milk and rice and how long you should cook it put all ingrediants in the skillete those who are watching my video for the first time, then this channel is all about basic and easy recipes for the beginners

so if you are interested please subscribe and hit the bell icon now bring it to boil and cover let it simmer on low flame until rice dissolves completely in milk it has been cooking for one hour now its been cooking for 2

5 hours and almost done rice are perfectly blended with mikl now add sugar according to your taste now stir on high flame until it thickens and start leaving the edges of the skillete tasty chawal kheer is ready garnish it with almonds and enjoy! garnish it with almonds and enjoy! comment below and tell me how much you love kheer? to watch more video like this subscribe to my channel like this video and share it like my facebook page and join me on instagram links are in the description below

Source: Youtube

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