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Kheer recipe| Indian Dessert| चावल की खीर।Rice kheer|



Hello Everyone, I hope you all are fine and healthy Today we will prepare Kheer, a popular Indian dessert

Do not forget to like this video, subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends and family So, let's get started I have taken 2 litres of full fat milk you can use 1 litre as well if you want to make in less quantity Add this milk to a pan

Leave milk on medium flame till it comes to a boil Keep stirring in between Till our milk is boiling, we will soak our rice for 15 minutes I have taken 1 small bowl of rice If you have taken 1 litre milk, then you can take half a bowl

we have to take broken rice, not thelong one As you can see, I have these broken rice If you have the long rice, you can grind them a little in mixer Do not forget to stir your milk in between Otherwise it will stick to the base

As the milk has started to boil now we will add our rice Mix well Keep the flame medium Leave it for 20-25 minutes and keep stirring in between After 20 minutes, we can see our milk is getting thick now we will add sugar to this I have taken 1/3 bowl of sugar

Add this to the milk Always add sugar after rice is cooked If we add sugar before rice in the milk, then the rice will not boil properly Mix well After adding sugar, add dry fruits as well

Like almonds,Pistachio and Green Cardamom( Mandeln, pistazie und grüner kardamom) Leave for another 20 minutes Finally our kheer is readyYou can see the colour has changed a little and it is thick in consistency now when it is thick and rice and milk are properly combined, this means our kheer is ready Hit the like button, if you liked this video

Try this at your home in this quarantine and enjoy Also let me know in the comments section,if you try this at home Thank you for watching

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New Cookery Recipes
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