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Kimami Seviyan by Laila,s Kitchen | Eid Special Sweet Dish | Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 || super Easy Recipe |



Aslam o Alikum Welcome Back to my youtube Channel I am Laila From Laila,s Kitchen

Today I came with special and delicious recipe Which is Kimami Seviyan So To see the recipe of Kimami Seviyan Watch my Video till End So,Befor starting the video Subscribe my Channel if you did'nt yet And hit the bell icon That's why You can get the Notification of my latest videos Ok Viewers Lets Start Making Kimami Seviyan

The Ingredients we required for making Kimami Seviyan are 150 gm Roasted Vermicelli 3 tbsp Pure ghee Half cup Khoya/Mawa 1/2 cup sugur Dry Fruits 3 green Cardamom Yellow food Color First of all to make Sugur syrup we take 2 cups of water Now Pour sugur in it Pour Food Color After Pour Sugur Mix well for 1-2 minutes untill sugur Dissolve On other side we put pot on stove1 1 tbsp pure ghee pour in it Pour All Dry Fruits in it Fry for 1-2 minutes Our Dry fruits are fried now So we will take them off Add Another Tbsp of pure ghee Now Add Cardamom now Add Vermicelli Our Vermicelli Already roasted If you couldn't find Roasted Vermicelli You can use Simple Vermicelli We Will roast Them just for 2 minutes If your Vermicelli are not roasted so you can roast Vermicelli for 5-7 minutes to take Even Color

Shake the spoon Because We give even color Our Vermicellie are about to be roasted on other side our Sugur syrup is ready now turn off the flame Our Vermicelli are roasted now completely Now we will add Sugur syrup in it Now Add Dry fruits Add Khoya/Mava Now Coverd it for 5 Minutes Take off the Lid Mix Well Its Look Very Beutiful our Kimami Seviyan Are Ready now Ok Viewer our Sweet Delicious Kimami Seviyan Are Ready now if you like my recipe must try it Like My Video Share it Take Care of yourself ALLAH HAFIZ

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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