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Kondakadalai recipe in Tamil | Kondakadalai katli recipe | kodakadalai karaa boondi recipe



Hi ! welcome back to Twists&Turns Today we are going to see an interesting recipe A childhood memory popped in when i was doing this dish "Navaratri" and "White chickpea" go hand-in-hand My mom tried different methods to make me eat this So, when i started to cookThe first thing I cooked was "Channa Masala" Whenever I thought of making chickpea either "Chickpea sundal" or "Channa Masala" would come to my mind, but she did not eat

and so when i wanted to give chickpea to my baby only these 2 recipes came to my mind,but she did not like them when i was thinking a different method to give , This "Chickpea Katli" came into my mind as she loves sweets a lot! That turned out YUMM I also tried "Chickpea Kaara boondhi" Since my husband prefers spice over sweet any day None will believe that you made these out of Chickpeas Common lets see how its done After soaking it for 6-7 hrs the chickpea should break if you press it between your fingers and thats how it shoudl be

not more not less this is just to remove moisture, make sure the color doesn't change I have taken equal portions for 2 recipes you can take the whole portion if you are doing it as a single dish you can either grind it coarsely or into a fine powder coarsely grind mix with have texture when we eat which i personally liked I've added brown sugar since I am giving this to my baby You can also use white sugar The only difference would be the color Meanwhile, prepare a plate greased with Ghee to transfer this Add cardamom powder if you like Cut into desired shape when its slightly Hot It would be difficult to cut them once they are cooled down completely I have made most of them into round balls as kids like this shape Procedure is same as regular kaara boondhi recipe , But Chickpea in place of Besan is a Healthy Option

Batter shouldn't be watery, it should look like this a little thick Make sure the oil is nice and Hot You may not get the exact "round" shape unlike the one with besan , but this tastes absolutely delicious So Ya!! Our Katli & Kaara boondhi is ready Katli got over immediately while making 🙂

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New Cookery Recipes
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