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Kopra Pak From Milkmaid | Milkmaid Kopra Pak Recipe | Coconut Burfi Recipe



Today we will make kopra Pak from milkmaid Which is instant We add dry rose patels which gives delicious taste and very attractive Let's start making Kopra Pak DECICATED COCONUT POWDER- 300 GM MILK MAID (CONDENSED MILK) 400 GM DRY ROSE PATELS- 1/2 CUP You can use dry fruit instead of dry rose patels For making Kopra Pak put non stick kadai on gas Add condensed milk in it Add dry rose patels Keep the flame slow Add decicated coconut powder Mix well Mixure is ready only in 5 minutes Mixure is separate from pan Become lumpy Mixure is ready for Kopra Pak Off the gas Take a rectangle tin Put butter papper in it Greece butter papper with ghee Add mixure into tin Spread mixure with flat spoon Cool down properly Kopra Pak is now cool down Take out in plate Remove butter papper from mixure Cut with knife like square shape Kopra Pak is ready to serve Serve into serving plate Which is attractive You surely try it at home and give me feedback

Source: Youtube

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