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KOREAN cooking INDIAN FOOD #Poha | #StayHome Cook #WithMe – चिवड़ा – Easy Poha Quick Recipe



oh my god good morning! oh, here she comes again Hyekyong: good morning my princess

Where's my breakfast? Hey, wake up for breakfast! Nah, I want to sleep more tuna, tuna, tuna noooooo Alright, I'm gonna get my breakfast Roll that intro! LOCKDOWN COOKING with LIFETIME TRAVELMATES Hello Hey, baby

Hey, baby [crashing sound] What was that? I think Hyekyong is making breakfast again I'm gonna check what she's doing Good morning! Good morning! What are you making today? I'm gonna make "Poha rice" I'm not surethe right name but

What's "poha"? This This one It's a dry rice I think! First I'm gonna soak this in water

To have the soft texture I think it's ready If you like this video click like 👍 and subscribe! [funky music 🎶] I'm not sure if it's enough

It needs some more time So, meanwhile I'm going to use this Jordi: What's this? Mustard seed and curry leaves, chili, oil stir fry Jordi: Is it ready now? It's ready Now I'm gonna use the mustard seeds and chili and I will need the curry leaves again so I'd like you to take some curry leaves from outside again? yeah Let's take more curry leaves! Some of my favourite! It's not that hot today! It's kind of freshthere's some wind

Which one should we take? hmmm Maybe this one Looks very nice, yeah Thank you Hey, wait, wait, wait What is this? What's this? Some peanuts Peanuts? Sugar! Just a little bit! Coriander leaves Jordi's This is mine Le'ts see thishow do you call it? I really don't know the name so If anybody knows the right name It's "poha" let us know the "poha lemon rice" I would say It's a nice breakfast oah! smells good! smells very

fragrant? a lot ofyou know, lemon, coriander, onion, peanuts Not that spicy I can taste the lemon a lot! Thank you! I think I should have put some more chili maybe! More spicy Or maybe masala, no? Some masala mix Anyway, simple breakfast, very healthy Sotry it! Remember guys, #StayHome and #CookNice! I you liked this video, click "like" and subscribe to this channel! See you! Bye!

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New Cookery Recipes
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