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Korean Vegetable Pancake Recipe | Tasty Vegan Savory Pancakes Recipe| yachaejeon | Pajeon |



Hi, this is Rekha Kakkar from Mytastycurry Welcome to My Kitchen and My Channel In today's episode I am going to show you very easy vegetable pancake recipe This is inspired from Korean Vegetable Pancakes known as yachaejeon So Korean Pancakes otherwise contains egg but I am making it without egg so this is going to be totally egg free- egg less recipe So, first of all let's start making this Soy-sauce dip for it For making this dipping sauce first of all I have taken grated ginger in a bowl, and to that I have added soy sauce, little bit of red wine vinegar, if you do not have red vine vinegar you can always use rice vinegar or after that I have added Sesame oil, some red chili flakes, and sesame seed to it

I am going to mix it nicely and keep it aside to mingle the flavors After that for making pancakes I am going to prepare vegetables for it I have taken a zucchini and cut it into thin stripes like this While picking zucchini for it, take care that it should be raw and tender Small size are the best one so that so that they cook well while you are making pancakes

So, I have sliced the zucchini into thin stripes like this and I am going to keep them aside in a big bowl After that I am going to cut spring onions likewise I have cut spring onion into thin slice, like this Take care to use green stem part of it, along with the green onion, I have added green stems also that will make it more flavorful so after this I am going to put this in the same zucchini bowl In this bowl I am also adding green chilies, which are chopped Finely chopped green coriander and I am going to mix them all together Lets keep this vegetables aside and make pancake batter For making pancake batter, I have taken all-purpose flour or white maida, to this I am adding salt as per taste and some baking soda to make it fluffier now I am going to mix all these dry ingredients and after that I am going to make a batter for it add little amount of water at a time to make a pancake batter like this And now its time to add the chopped vegetables or sliced vegetables Mix everything well, making sure that there are no lumps remaining in the batter Now, the batter is mixed nicely and finally I am going to sprinkle some sesame seed for the crunch in pancakes So, keep this batter aside and I am taking a non-stick pan to cook the pancakes

A good non-stick pan helps here because that will prevent the sticking of the pancakes over the bottom So, when the oil is hot I am going to take a big spoon of this pancake batter and I am going to spread it When you spread the pancake batter make sure that layer is thick because the Korean pancakes are always little fluffy and thick and these taste better like that So, now I am going to allow it to cook for 5-6 mins over low heat After 5 minutes I am going to flip it take care to keep the heat towards low side because we want them crunchy outside and soft inside and at the same time we want all vegetables to cook You can use oil as required, while cooking take care to just press them lightly in between so that these are cooked from all the sides Nothing should remain raw here

So, likewise I have prepared all my vegetable pancakes and I am going to enjoy them For serving, I am going to place the pancakes in a plate and sprinkle some sesame seeds Also you can add some sriracha sauce for some spicy kick So without any delay I am going to dig into pancakes and going to enjoy these with soy sauce dip I hope you enjoyed watching this recipe and will give this a try in your kitchens as well If you like this recipe, do like it, comment, subscribe to my channel

I will see you with another recipe in the next episode 'til then happy cooking

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