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Kozhukatta | Kerala Style Soft and Sweet Kozhukkatta | Kozhukattai



Hello and welcome to another video of Review Cocktail! In this cooking segment, we will make a traditional dish called, Kozhukkatta It’s made of rice flour and jaggery

You need very few ingredients to make this delicious dish First of all, we need rice powder We need rice powder, not the coarse one, very nice flour Then we need grated coconut Jaggery which is powdered or grated

Salt is needed too You need to mix the flour using hot water Let’s focus on the plate Add salt to taste Then we are going to mix it

It’s hot so I am using a holder Pour some hot water and mix it well You have to pour enough water and mix it to the right consistency so that we can make small balls from it, It needs more water We have a half kilograms of rice powder It’s hot so I’m using a wooden spatula

This is a demanding task as it is hot The consistency should be such that we can make balls It’s almost ready We should be able to shape it with our hands, like this We should make a depression and put the filling in it

Rice powder mix is ready Time for the coconut now Set aside some of the coconut and add powdered jaggery Add more jaggery if you want it sweeter It’s up to you

This is the filling We are going to steam this, so, pour enough water into the steamer and put it on the stove We won’t turn the flame on yet Take one lid and put it in the slot Now we are beginning the actual task of making the kozhukkattas

We will use the sample we showed earlier We have to make a depression in it like this Then add the mixture of jaggery and coconut into the depression Lock it Shape it round and put it into the steamer

Make big or small, is up to you We have made a depression and put the filling Closed it Made into a ball The jaggery you see on the outside did not leak from inside; it stuck there from my hands while shaping it

We have some more dough left, so, I am going to make some more fillings with the coconut and jaggery We can have these as a breakfast dish or snack Maybe the only difficult part is mixing the rice powder in hot water Otherwise it’s an easy dish Some people give their own twist to the dish

You can add cumin seeds to it However we are preparing it in the traditional way We have prepared 17 big Kozhukattas with just half kilograms of rice flour Now, we must steam it Turn the stove on, steam it

That’s all It’s been 10 minutes Let’s see how it is doing It’s not done yet Give it 5 more minutes

So now it’s been 15 minutes but the time may vary according to the nature of the rice powder Check on it for time to time It’s almost done but give it 2 more minutes It’s ready! Turn off the stove and take it off the cooker We are done

I have kept 2 3 Kozhukattas open, so that, it will cool down faster for us to taste it So, as you can see it’s not rocket science It is very simple, please try this and let us know your experience and suggestions We can enjoy this as a breakfast dish or snack So, please subscribe to our channel, the URLs are in the description

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New Cookery Recipes
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