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Kozhukattai Recipe in Tamil/Sweet and Kara Kozhukattai Recipe/Pasi Payaru Kozhukattai/Kolukattai



Today lets see how to prepare Sweet & Kara Kozhukattai with Pasi Payaru (Whole Green Gram) I have prepared Green Chutney for Kara Kozhukattai I have soaked the green gram for about 8 hrs , it will be even more healthy when it is sprouted Break these peanuts into smaller pieces in a blender Steam cook the green gram for about 5 mins Boil until the jaggery gets dissolved completely Strain the jaggery syrup , to remove any dust if present The pasi payaru is cooked well ,it will get mashed when you press it Mash them gently with a hand masher Adjust the jaggery syrup according to your taste , if required you can even add at last You can even add roasted cashew nut 1/2 of the mashed pasi payaru Check the sweetness ,if required add jaggery syrup Grease the kozhukattai mold with ghee / oil Fill with the sweet kozhukattai filling If you don't have the mold then grease your palm with ghee and shape it the desired shape and size Sweet Pasi Payaru Kozhukattai is ready !!! Boiled and mashed Pasi Payaru – 1/2 cup (the remaining) For the sweet kozhukattai , the jaggery syrup will blend and make the kozhukattai stiff , whereas in kara kozhukattai we use Rice flour so that the modakis stiff Measure the water in the same cup that you used for rice flour Wait until the water starts to boil well Grated coconut Turn the flame to low and add the rice flour Add the mashed pasi payaru and mix well Transfer the mixture to another plate and allow it to cool down Shape to your desired shape and size Place the modak in steam This method of modak will remain soft even after some time Cook it in steam for 5 mins Soft and tasty kara kozhukattai is ready !!! Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!

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