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La pâte sucrée (Recette – Fonçage – Cuisson)



3 steps : doing the dough, the "fonçage", white cocking Step one the sweet pastry One or two hours before, remove the butter from the fridge Beat the butter just until peaks form Add the icing sugar You have to get an creamy and homogenous mix Do it with a plastic spatula to ease the mixing Add the almond powder A pinch of salt flower A teaspoon of vanilla powder Mix well Mix 2 eggs Add 60 grams of egg (opsie my hand !) Mix the all with the plastic spatula … it’s more efficient than the robot ! Then add the type 55 flour Sift it Mix the all without insisting Form a ball without working the dough Make two dough pieces in order to do two Ø20 cm pies Wrap your dough pieces with cling film Ideally, the dough need to stay one night in the fridge Step two Dust your working table with flour Remove your dough from the fridge Press it firmly without crush it Use 3mm rulers to get the perfect thickness Cut pie's bottom thank to your circle Put your circle dough on parchment paper If your dough is sticky (like here because of heat) DO NOT INSIST Put your circle dough to the fridge during fifteen minutes and magicly

Put it again in the fridge Now we're going to do the pie's sides with rests of the dough Spread it over the length Thanks to a ruler, cut 2cm bands wide Softly put your bands dough on parchment paper Back to the fridge for at least fifteen minutes Meanwhile, get butter on your circle mould Now let's assembly it ! Water is used as glue You have to push your dough well on the mould but without crushing it Then push the part which exceed, slightly outward Moisten the lower part of the dough As well as around your circle dough Drop down the circle dough with moisty side downwards Delicately, push the dough forming a right angle Push the circle against edges Erase the oversize thanks to your finger and water Put it in the fridge, at least 6 hours Step three Baking Preheat the oven at 180°C (355°F) Remove your base from fridge and cut-off the surplus paste Put into oven fifteen minutes Remove it when base gets brown and edges come off the mould Delicately, remove the circle mould when base is lukewarm Erase imperfections Make a mix of egg and liquid cream (one egg yolk and 4gr of liquid cream) and spread it on the pastry Bake it again eight to ten minutes but the most important is to trust the color of the base My personal tip is to sprinkle cacao butter on it (mycryo) With that your pastry will stay crusty You can even put your pie's base to the freezer And it will stay crusty even frozen Thank you !

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