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PEACE BE UPON YOU Friends a while ago i had shared the recipe of Tandoori Naan Which was very well received by you all, for which i would like to thank you all Today i decided to share with you an easy recipe of Lachha Paratha You can eat with veg gravy, non veg gravy or you can eat it just with a cup of tea

So shall we start? I will make some space here mix it this way its luke warm not hot add the warm water little by little prepare the dough properly we added 1/4 cup milk initially Then we took 1/4 cup water but we have not used all the water some of it is still left but we will not require it anymore Grease palms with oil and mix well to prepare the dough mix for about 4 to 5 minutes Do not make it too soft or too hard just this much is enough Apply little oil on it

keep it covered for half an hour It has been kept for half an hour We will now make the parathas Make big balls of it We will first use one to make the paratha and leave the rest covered we need to make a big and thin roti Add some ghee here Spread the ghee evenly

You can use oil if you want but ghee gives a better taste After applying ghee we will sprinkle some all purpose flour We will now start folding Please watch carefully and fold as demonstrated Now pull slowly and gradually from both sides making it longer

Be careful in this process Now start rolling as shown Tuck away the tail so that it becomes a perfect roll I have put a pan to heat Dip in dry all purpose flour

Using a rolling pin flatten the roll gently do not apply too much pressure keep it this way if should not be thin It should be slightly thick The is heated enough I have lowered the flame

Now i will roast the paratha on it Let it cook on one side for some time then turn keep the flame medium to low we should not cook on a high flame So that it cooks well from inside

We will not use ghee or oil at this moment because we want the paratha to cook properly from inside too Now sprinkle some ghee As you can see it has cooked well on a low flame It look very crisp and crunchy Hurrah our Lachha Paratha is ready

Source: Youtube

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