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Lamb Curry Recipe – Mutton Indian Masala Slow cooked tender


[UltraVid id=522 ]welcome back once again to how to cook great food calm if you haven’t already please click that red button and subscribe to our Channel right let’s get on with this fantastic lamb or mutton curry as you can see I’ve got a mixing bowl here and I’ve got some nicely cut lamb it’s got the bone in a nice little bit of fat on there don’t cut all that off you need that absolutely delicious cutting claim you know this kind of size bite-sized pieces now what we’re going to do which is unusual really for a coach normally we we we don’t have all the spices in that now we are going to marinate this one just for a little bit so I’m going in with what I call the big four which of these guys you can maybe see they’re equal parts of chili powder cumin powder coriander powder and shimmering or howdy garlic and ginger roughly chopped equal parts off I’ve got some salt there my hands are clean don’t worry what’s getting there your hands are always the best instrument to use toss that all around coat that nicely and I’ve just got some regular some flour over here you can use anywhere you like pour that over there and again in with my hands mix that around now what we need to do is we need to cover this refrigerate this for a minimum of two hours if you can do it overnight it will be fantastic just let those flavors really seep inside our meat and then we’re going to get over to the cooker get this absolutely delicious masala lamb or mutton together I’ll see you in a few hours okay here we are then I’ve left my meat for about three to four hours that’s it blows now if you want it obviously you could use your favorite curry powder if you want your own blend tally up to I find this mixture much better okay I’ve got a pan Lee I’m actually using a wok we’re gonna need a lid because we need to slow cook this dish we’ve got lamb which is fill it up with the bone we want it really really tender I’ve got a touch of just regular oil in there I’m using some flour here we go with our mixture of lovely meat now gently we don’t want to well no I know I’m using the walk but we’re certainly not stir-frying anything in a kind of Asian style we need to gently cook this Brown it I’m going to pop the lid on now and I’ll be back in about ten minutes and stir it every now and then it’s on a kind of just above a medium deep sea then here we go let’s take a look now let me let some of the steam out that’s been going for like ten minutes it’s a lovely juices coming out of there starting to cook really dutifully but believe me it’s nowhere near culture now I’ll do you have a bit of water there’s like a cup of water or just over a car now I’m going to turn the heat up it’s going back on keep an eye on it stir it every now and then I’ll be back in another ten minutes okay let’s take a look again now a lot of that steam out first again this stage is so important you don’t do this you can have some very tough meat on your plate this way we’re really tenderizing it get it nice and soft okay chopped onions and quite a lot I’m using a red onion you can use the white onion if you wanted to and as you can see I’ve cut them really small reason up that map this because I want this masala to be really smooth and that’s the reason why I haven’t put in any whole garam masala there’s no whole seeds or leaves in this back on goes the lid we want a medium heat keep your eye on it stir it you’re in control don’t forget I’ll be back here in about five to six minutes okay let’s take a look inside at about six or seven minutes as you can see our onions are virtually disappeared I’ve still got a little way to go and we’re thickening up really nicely you can see we’ve got this really lovely masala now okay the next step chopped tomatoes with about three or four decent-sized fresh tomatoes I’m adding again nice and small let’s mix them in there and what we want to happen just like the onions as we need these tomatoes to completely disappear so I’m going to pop a lid on this we want a fairly low heat now not a simmer but just above a simmer because we still got to cook this meat for a long time now depending on how juicy your tomatoes are and we can’t tell you we may need to add a little bit of water so Leitz going to go back on the heats fairly low I’m going to be back here in about five to six minutes and then we’re see we may need to add a splash of water or not let’s check it out then let’s take a look now it’s been simmering away for a little while now as you can see the tomatoes again like the onions are kind of breaking down really nicely I’m just going to going now with some fresh green chili just add as many or little as you like I’ve put about four into this amount and there’s plenty of liquid in there so the tomatoes that I used were fine no need to add me water this is going to go back on I’m afraid because we still need to simmer this and cook this for about another 15 minutes then we’re pretty much done I’ll see you then okay the very last stage let me let a little bit that steam out of here so yeah 15 minutes that was as you can see now but a beautifully smooth masala with onions and those tomatoes are broken down beautifully our lamb or a mutton and by the way this can be used with goats as well goat meat it’s the same process these unbelievably tender I’ve checked it out for salt you need to do the same I’m finishing off here with some freshly chopped coriander that can go in mix it around this is absolutely wonderful with some white rice or with some sort of bread the non-poor at our rotating however you like hope you’ve enjoyed this don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel we’ll see you again soon take care bye

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