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this is minced meat and this is plastic we have to keep in the dust bin take it here Birds chirping this is lamb meat mince today we will cook meet minced curry water flow we will add red chili powder a boy is talking near by adding salt todays recipe Hyderabadi dhum meat minced curry we will add all the masalas and mix it after that we will seal this and will put it on the fire firstly we will add all of this coriander powder turmeric powder this one is from the rangers itself and this is a new method of cooking meat hyderabadi dhum ( steamed ) minced meat curry plastic making noice black pepper powder will add little coz we have already added red chilli powder this one is cumin powder ( jeera powder ) cumin powder and just came onions that we have to add i am crushing these onions like this coz we are cooking it in the fully closed pot we can't mix it after sealing now adding some oil to this we have added all the masalas in this now we will mix it the fragrance is coming already this one is going to be very tasty we can add some yogurt to this but now we are not addingcoz if we add it little later it will give some red color gravy, and oil will come up that's why we have to yogurt little later water will be added this level water should go deep this is made of flour ( dough ) we will make it as seal for the pot we add 2, 3 bone to this coz it will give some great taste to the gravy now we have to pack it now it has been sealed now it has been sealed after adding all the maslas this pot not maximum not maximum minimum 1 hour shou be on the flames it will be cooked from inside using it's steam it will work as like pressure cooker like we always cook dhum biryani of lamb mince curry this is meat minced curry watch it till the eand, how it going to be cooked let us put it on the flames now it is cooked we are opening it and after will cook it it is very hot come on guys come fast it is little dark here one minute the sun is going down and it is goint to be dark wow

what a fragrance will add yogurt now this is rain season here speed breeze coming here this is yogurt at last we are adding this will cook more 5 minutes after adding this mixing smoothly gravy is very thick and coloful see this wonderfull gravy is here these are mint leaves let it be covered cover it lime juice at last now here is very dark in the jungle but we are crazy for the food we think we have made it looking like wonderful curry there are too many chances of raining here ok oh god rain and dark clouds rain is started some guys chatting dark is here dark is here yesterdays song was beautiful that's why you are singing ha ha not like that yes now i am gonna taste this is eating in the dark eating in the rainy seaon and eating with dogs i will eat it all why don't you put for us tell the taste you only made it i don't tell i am enjoing this food who eats this they knows better greatgreat WOW!!

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